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5 comments on “WATCH: Legendary Soldier Decimates Chinese Forces With His Bare Hands”

  1. Love this short story. Another American Hero that most of us know nothing about but should. I realize this is just one of many but I'm glad to have learned about this hero!

  2. Amazing story that needed to be told! Over the years, I met and worked with veterans of WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. I was a Baby Boomer, born just after the end of WW2. Many of the veterans that I got to know, did some amazing things when serving their country. Like Sgt. Bleak, they didn't talk much about what they did, until they felt comfortable with talking about where they had been, and what they went through. I liked history, and grew up collecting militaria as a hobby. So if the opportunity came up, when visiting with men and women who served, I was all ears. These folks are exceptional in what they did! Just young folks who went to war, in far away places, gave all they had for their country and those who fought by their side. All fine people, every one a Patriot! Always try to remember to "Thank a Veteran" for their service time.

  3. Awesome story of a real American hero. Thank you for this story as there are few stories about the Korean War. It's sort of the forgotten war. Sad but true. The movie and TV series Mash did bring this war to everyone's attention but still, it has been forgotten. Thank you for keeping this war alive with heroes like Sgt Bleak.

  4. This was a fantastic story of the heroism and patriotism. Not much of that going on these days. I too am a baby boomer. I learned more history in school than most of my children or grandchildren. But I had never heard of Sargent Bleak. Personal stories weren't part of the curriculum, too had to look that up yourself. Thank you for this peek back at the true history of our countrymen.👵😇

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