WATCH: Helmet Cam Footage Of Firefighters Battling Intense Structure Fire

Firefighters respond to a structure fire in Clearbrook, VA. The crew is inexperienced, and communication goes awry.

When a second crew arrives on the scene of a fire, they check in with command to see where they are most needed. These firefighters are sent up to the second story of the home, where the fire is coming up out of the roof. Watch as they work to battle the blaze.

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2 comments on “WATCH: Helmet Cam Footage Of Firefighters Battling Intense Structure Fire”

  1. This brings me back to my early days. Best video I've seen in a long time on how to attack a fire in ceiling. "Putting the wet stuff on the red stuff."
    Thank you for supporting the members of " Thin Line "

  2. I remember fighting a attic fire one night. I stuck the hose on full fog through a hole the ceiling left and when I pulled the hose out the nozzle had burned clean off the hose. I laughed for several shifts after that.
    Really brings back memories. God bless the fire departments everywhere
    Firemen stay in heat longer!!

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