WATCH: How Nuclear Submarines Are Resupplied In The Middle Of The Ocean

By Ethan Cole on
 December 13, 2023

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4 comments on “WATCH: How Nuclear Submarines Are Resupplied In The Middle Of The Ocean”

  1. Hmm , I was stationed on a Fleet Ballistic Missle Submarine, for 3 years of my military duty, we would be deployed for 90 days at time ( which we did not surface during that time ) We carried enough supplies, Food stuffs, etc( A lot of powdered things towards the end of the patrol, ) for the Crew Of Approx 165 Enlisted and Officers. From what I remember, the Attack Subs we're in and out of ports all over the world and would resupply, at the Dock. The only way a Sub would surface, giving away their position, would have been for a Emergency, not resupply !

    1. Boomers & Fast Attack ALL generated their own oxygen & fresh water for drinking, food prep and assuring the boat doesn't smell like a locker room. That 90 days didn't necessarily include a supply buffer for special circumstances. At least these days no submarine needs an emergency walk through resupply for being out of typewriter ribbons and bumping a large medical equipment procurement!

      I can only see this emergency resupply as a serious national security issue that might be more than a month long!

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