WATCH: How US Carrier Strike Groups Protect The Flat-Top

 January 7, 2022

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5 comments on “WATCH: How US Carrier Strike Groups Protect The Flat-Top”

  1. Give the D.C. swamp democrats enough time and they will find away to screw are Navy up like the $8.5 billion of are latest military TEC. they gave to are enemy. Fact be known they are our worst enemy.

  2. I liked the laser protections these big carriers have. I believe that as our technology gets better our carriers will get smaller. Republicans will provide more money for the military. We need to support and fund our military.

  3. How about our star wars laser system? Did Obama destroy it entirely? It is a satellite anti missile system that would completely wipe out any missile attack against the US. What is its status today?

  4. Layed Combo Defense: missiles, rockets, CIWS, AA guns, EW & outer ships with missiles, Lasers & rockets

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