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7 comments on “WATCH: Police Try To Talk Man Down, Ends Badly”

  1. Absolutely no way to have prevented the outcome !!!!!! But had Landon been black, hell would have broke loose !!!
    But, it ended because of Landons actions, these officers tried everything !!!!

  2. It would have been better to order him to lay on his stomach with his arms out (this is probably what LA sheriff deputies would have done) or have police dogs turned loose on him.and then if he didn't comply, turn the dogs loose on him to take him down. And if he tried to assault the police dogs it would justify the use deadly force.

    1. James Bell, I’m glad it’s so easy for you to say what the Police should have done when you’re not in that position . Are you a police officer ? Also send in a K9 Officer probably would have either gotten the K9 killed or hurt ! The Police Officers did nothing wrong here, they tried to get this guy to surrender .

  3. It's so easy to tell others what to do in a death defying situation when you aren't in any danger. What's it like to be in full command from your easy chair? Kind of God-like, huh?
    Well, sir, I am glad we have brave men and women who are interested in turning our society around by denying another policeman's life or his K9;s to the likes of this fool!! You just sit there and condemn all you want, and pray (if you know how!) that one of these thugs doesn't attack you or a loved one, because with your SENSIBILITIES, YOU'RE NOT LIKELY TO REMAIN ALIVE!! Good luck in your future!

  4. I’m sick of the Black Comments or Threats of Violence by BLM every time a Black Person is shot & killed by the Police. Over 59 Officers were MURDERED IN 2021, what do you expect? “DON’T COMPLY, YOU DIE”! Listen to the Police, Comply with Instructions, DON’T PICK UP ANYTHING, DON’T POINT ANYTHING AT THE POLICE. Try respecting the Police, they risk their Lives For You. Support the Police, Defund the Criminals in Congress & PUT THE CRIMINALS & MURDERS IN PRISON FOR LIFE !

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