13-Year Old Threatens Police with Gun, Officers Try To Negotiate

Situations that involve children are incredibly difficult for law enforcement officers. It is even harder when the one pointing a gun at them is the child.

Young Teen With a Gun

In California, A San Bernadino teenager found himself on the wrong end of law enforcement. Officers got a call from a gunman claiming he had already killed three people.

According to KTTV, the 13-year-old said to the dispatcher that he wanted to be killed by the police. As he was standing in Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, he told dispatch, "If they don't kill me, I'll have to kill them."

Officers headed over to the cemetery aware of the stakes. According to KTTV, when the officers arrived the boy was standing in the cemetery with a loaded handgun that had an extended magazine.

Trying to Negotiate

The officers tried to begin negotiations with the teen. However, it turned into a standoff. Officers say that while they tried to talk the boy down, he fired at them.

He was ordered to drop the gun, multiple times, but he did not listen to their instructions. Officer repeatedly tried to get the 13-year-old to put the weapon down, but he choose to point it at the officers again, instead.

The officers shot at the boy. According to KTTV, the boy went to the hospital for his injuries. There he was being treated.

Few Injuries

No bystanders nor any of the officers were injured in the incident. Officials have not released any details on the teenagers condition, but he was the only one with injuries.

The boy was well armed. Oficers discovered two handguns at the cemetery along with four magazines and numerous additional ammunitions.

According to officials, they thing the 13 year old was trying to get the officers to kill him. He wanted to go out via suicide by cop.

A 13 year old has a whole life ahead of them, and so many more options than to try to die at the hands of officers. Hopefully he recovers from his wounds and gets the professional help that he needs.

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