13-Year Old Threatens Police with Gun, Officers Try To Negotiate

Situations that involve children are incredibly difficult for law enforcement officers. It is even harder when the one pointing a gun at them is the child.

Young Teen With a Gun

In California, A San Bernadino teenager found himself on the wrong end of law enforcement. Officers got a call from a gunman claiming he had already killed three people.

According to KTTV, the 13-year-old said to the dispatcher that he wanted to be killed by the police. As he was standing in Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, he told dispatch, "If they don't kill me, I'll have to kill them."

Officers headed over to the cemetery aware of the stakes. According to KTTV, when the officers arrived the boy was standing in the cemetery with a loaded handgun that had an extended magazine.

Trying to Negotiate

The officers tried to begin negotiations with the teen. However, it turned into a standoff. Officers say that while they tried to talk the boy down, he fired at them.

He was ordered to drop the gun, multiple times, but he did not listen to their instructions. Officer repeatedly tried to get the 13-year-old to put the weapon down, but he choose to point it at the officers again, instead.

The officers shot at the boy. According to KTTV, the boy went to the hospital for his injuries. There he was being treated.

Few Injuries

No bystanders nor any of the officers were injured in the incident. Officials have not released any details on the teenagers condition, but he was the only one with injuries.

The boy was well armed. Oficers discovered two handguns at the cemetery along with four magazines and numerous additional ammunitions.

According to officials, they thing the 13 year old was trying to get the officers to kill him. He wanted to go out via suicide by cop.

A 13 year old has a whole life ahead of them, and so many more options than to try to die at the hands of officers. Hopefully he recovers from his wounds and gets the professional help that he needs.

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33 comments on “13-Year Old Threatens Police with Gun, Officers Try To Negotiate”

  1. I think we can blame if he have to blame anyone ... On parents that dont teach there kids to respect the law some teach there kids to fear the law No good ether .But many these days can be put at the hand of the schools and there teachings Yes it is hard to shoot kids. Just like in NAM but kids there had handgrnades to run by you and drop as they ran Yes it is hard but come with the job I am sure most cops find it hard to kill anyone in the first place Even though some seem to think they do But these Cops need God to help them when they do when it come to that Just to get them though it Parents should have helped put God in the hearts of these type kids

    1. The child obviously realized how CORRUPT the LAW really is (at least in one obvious level of comprehension). If you have never had to defend yourself in court when you were 100% INNOCENT, YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE how INSANE this world of LAW really and truly is; i.e. the wrong people are INTENTIONALLY arranging the words of law IN VAGUE AND AMBIGUOUS FORMATS---THE LAWMAKERS EVEN ADMIT THIS!!! and the law is also said to be "set in stone; which means in reality, "only to be interpreted by congress, who is EVIL and PROUD of the fact.. "KIDS" ARE BY-PRODUCTS OF PEOPLE WHO REACHED THE AGE OF PREPRODUCTION CAPABILITY. SOME cops DO find it hard to kill people, but MANY DO NOT. There is a huge window between killing and beating and abusing; some cops are happy to beat and bruise whoever is available. Yes, there are a lot of people who serve NO positive function in America (from politicians, doctors, lawyers, news mouths, and sluggards for example.) SOME "leaders" have finally said it out loud (after decades of keeping the term in the background; Millions of people are considered "useless eaters.") When uneducated people reproduce, they are not reproducing Pythagorus, Anaxagoras, Copernicus, Capra, and Kafka types, they produce Madonna, Bill Cosby, Joe Biden and Don Lemon types. This 13 year old obviously was never exposed to a positive consciousness; but most likely a plethora of republican/democrat "let's fight and argue over money and sex and law words commercial competition issue." And how people continue to say God in place of GOD (meaning a three part entity beyond human comprehension), well God is actually the great imposter of GOD, also known as Satan (a myth). Satan is evil potential in human free will. America loves God, just like China loves God, and Mexico loves God; the world is almost united with the love of God; NOT GOD. Confusion in the minds of children grows into chaos in adult beings, most of whom seriously LACK a spiritual consciousness; or spiritual maturity. The child in this story probably has better than average potential; outnumbered severely by peers who know only how to follow "traditional ignorance." NO, I am NOT a bot.

      1. What the hell?! I wonder if there is anyone alive who can decipher what it is that you are trying, valiantly, to say! Can anyone out here understand this rant, at all?!

        1. Hello Wanda. I just want to say, Joseph's comment was spot on.
          As brutally honest as it was, it's what needs to be said. It needs to be heard. If it's the "GOD not God" statement that lost ya, type it into your search bar, or better yet, go meditate about it. Win Win. Spirituality. Not religion. Can I ask you a question? Feel free to ignore, but, are you @ least
          50 Years old? I only ask because my folks are 55 & 57... & they had the same response to the comment... I'm trying to figure out, a way to get the +50yr old population, to HEAR WHAT'S ACTUALLY GOING ON. WHAT'S REALLY BEING SAID. This is not a put down, or a "diss", or an attack on you in any way. A simple
          YES👍 or NO👎
          on +50 yr old would greatly help my progress. Thank you. Have a nice day.

          1. Thanks Kevin, I need interpreters like yourself, really glad to hear you heard the essence of the message. I am 68.

          1. And Sharon, sounds like YOU are the med taker, and a felonious judger. And I'm relatively confident you would NOT be able to begin to grasp the essence of the psychological research I authored in 1991. Do you know the original meaning of the word GOD? I put it online at least 50 times over the last 12-15 years. How old are you Sharon?

        2. The post is NOT a rant. Sounds like you assume and conclude too much using faulty perception, which leads to erroneous conclusions.

  2. This is what the DEMOCOMMUNISTS have been trying for for decades, (and why they STOLE the"'election") to "install" their CHOSEN communist-chinese, bought and paid for controllable "puppets" CRIMINAL dementia-Joe, and the constitutionally-ineligible "anchor baby HO", "heels-up harris"( to further the degrading of society). THAT my friends, is their end goal . (as well as the "installation" of a communist-controlled third-world banana republic cesspool so-called form of "government", that turns the citizens into OBEDIENT COMMUNIST "subjects"). More "MANDATORY" UNNECESSARY "lock downs" will push more and more children (and adults) over the edge. (as well as the "introduction" of more democommunist bought and paid for, manufactured "viruses") so they keep the CLUELESS, BRAINWASHED, citizens terrified, and retain their STOLEN CONTROL and POWER over the brainwashed "SHEEPLES". WISE UP AMERICA you are being conned, and the population is being "controlled" (killed) one POISON "JAB" at a time.

    1. Good post; key words: obedient communist clueless, stolen control, BRAINWASHED, mandatory lockdowns, dementia Joe, anchor baby HO, POWER over SHEEPLES..... I live in Hawaii, it is NOT paradise. Yes, there is some magnificent scenery; but below that, there is extra-dense racism, fraud, medical abuse galore, embezzling of federal funds, LIARS everywhere; but most important is that Hawaii is a floor mat for the invasion of China. Hawaiians (many, but not all) would rather be under Chinese rule than white egomaniacal gun backed forced democrat mentality control; NOT KNOWING that the Chinese hate their own government as much democrats hate the reality of their own behavior. More important is that attitude in Hawaii is that "conservatism" IS the main problem in the world (why are people leaving China in droves? Has NOTHING to do with being "conservative." ((However, the meaning of "conservatism" has been infected with perversions of all kinds, and is hardly recognizable in public policy/behavior)). Hawaii is die hard democrat; and Independents are hated as much as republicans are hated. And concerning the "JAB," well, if MOST of the american troops are forced to get the jab (and they will be, so it sounds), and if most people, i.e. BRAINWASHED struggling slaves/lawyers/politicians/doctors/etc. ) all get the jab; it will be REAL EASY for Chinese "troops" to REPLACE the american hero troops, and for Chinese lawyers, doctors politicians and business leaders will replace all the dead americans; and China will have defeated america without firing a shot. After that, America will become what China is NOW; overpopulated with masses of people yearning to be free of the same insanity that has infected MOST of the planet; cutting up dogs and cats for food; selling the pet flesh on the sidewalk in front of the bank that has your money; and that lies to you about your money position. biden and his gang perverts (harris, schumer, schitt, etc. etc. etc.) have made it clear they want communism. At the largest hospital in Hawaii, there are at least 190 Chinese doctors; and virtually MOST of the "controlling professions" are heavily infiltrated with former Chinese citizens, who left China to serve THEIR country in america. In China, senior citizens are NOT given much "health care," they are considered to be "useless eaters." America has a huge, growing population of "useless eaters" too (Bill Gates used the term), and a lot of them are NOT senior citizens. I have NOT researched the subject, however, I wonder if China has as many abortions, in the name of a God; as america has abortions.

  3. One more product of today's fu**ed up "society"!! Yeah, you can blame parents, social media, violent video games, gangs, etc. But we all know who MSM will blame, don't we?

      1. Well Sam W, If the kid was white he was probably being taught that he is a Racist, just because of being born as a white. And to Atone for that great "sin" he should go kill himself. Now, I'm assuming this boy was white, because San Bernadino has not been burned to the ground. I think even the fake news media would have a hard time covering that up!

      2. I have no idea how much experience you actually have with "the law." But my experience is beyond outrageous. Ever seen a DRUNK JUDGE stagger into the courtroom in front of a deputy of the sheriff and the deputy IGNORES the drunkenness---at 9:00 a.m.? Ever prove that a GOVERNMENT LAWYER committed no less than 52 counts of PROVEN perjury IN ONE CASE and then see the judge DO NOTHING about it? Ever see/hear a THIEF admit in court that he stole $56,000.00 of building materials, and the judge say 'too bad, you didn't lock the materials up and you gave him access to your property." (He couldn't use all the materials in one day, but he could come back to the unfinished job and steal enough materials to start an entirely new project.) do you have ANY idea how many POISON Prescription pills" there are on the market that are KNOWN POISONS; and see the courts say, "well the FDA approved use the drug." Respecting the LAW in today's world is a lot like kissing the ass of a pig while it is wallowing in slop. Don't get mad about the law being proven to be corrupt; that will be used against you too. Yea, this is america, and EVERYTHING YOU SAY CAN and WILL be used against you in a court of law.; in the NEGATIVE. Children in school today are learning how to be brainwashed, and they can't see it or hear it; their parents are probably brainwashed as well; its a traditional thing, brainwashing.....been going on since 1930's; and PRIOR; back to ancient Sparta, Babylon, Rome, and the Catholic church. the court system in america is (at least) 65% negative.

        1. What? Way too many people on here just can not write well enough to convey their thoughts. Your rambling above proves my case. You sound idiotic, at best.

          1. To an IDIOT, I could sound "idiotic." You are clearly NOT "experienced" enough to know that you don't what you are saying, talking about, or thinking. Let's see your resume and I'll help you find some appropriate therapy.

          2. To an IDIOT, I could sound "idiotic." You clearly are NOT experienced enough to know that you don't know what you're saying, what you are talking about, or thinking. Let's see your resume and I'll help you find some appropriate help.

  4. Maybe the 13 yr. old wanted to be the teen version of Floyd & be a 'hero', too, especially if kid was black. Apparently, kid wasn't black or the entire country would have shut down immediately, media would have blown the entire situation so out of control there would be a civil war going on right now. Thanks to all the praise & glory a drugged up felon was given by the media & all the terrorists now kids are wanting to be Floyd, Jr's.

  5. to bad the Cps did not waste him, all his miserable live he will be worthless.
    that screwed up at 13 - elimination is best ?

  6. It's the parents fault when you have a kid that age committing such atrocities !!!!! If you don't know what your kids are doing, it's because you aren't paying attention to them !!!! That's why so many of these kids join gangs !!! So, if your not giving them the right kind of attention, they will search for any attention and gangs feed them what they are searching for !!!!

  7. And yet nothing is said about the 3 people this 13 yr old claimed he murdered.. Why is this not addressed in this story?

    1. Since it wasn't stated otherwise, the assumption is taht the 3 people were white. So, it's a non-issue that they were murdered.

  8. Understand that the Officers had no choice but to use deadly force even though they certainly did not want to. The FACT is a child with a gun is just as dangerous and deadly as a career criminal, possibly moreso as they are harder to reason with. I feel for these Officers who had to shoot this child as it is really going to take its toll on them. now the other question is, how did this 13 year old obtain all of those firearms? Did he steal them? Did he somehow get them from his home as they were not secured?

    1. We can speculate all we want, at that age a person of any age can get their hands on a gun if they really want to!!! Heck he could have been an abused kid, one on drugs or numerous other scenarios.
      I admire the officers for not shooting to kill like they are trained to. They just neutralized the situation so hopefully this young man can get the help he desperately needs instead of ending his life, which would’ve been justified shooting.

      Guns Do Not Kill People, People Kill People!

      Just like pencils do Not Misspell words!

  9. WHAT PURPOSE IS IT FOR A KIDS GUN TO HAVE A REMOVABLE ‘RED’ END?I thought it was PAINTED ON ! Therefore being removable &pointed towards cops, without dropping it when told, deserts to be shot

  10. A 13 year old with his finger on the trigger of a gun can kill just as dead as a 31 year old with his finger on the trigger of a gun. The police could have taken him out permanently but they didn't. No doubt the kid needs some serious mental evaluations and hopefully one day he will be able to stand in front of an audience and tell how his life has changed since he was a 13 year old shooting at police officers who could have taken him out but didn't.

    1. Yea, kids have more bad role models than positive ones, no doubt. The cops COULD have shot the CHILD with a tranquilizer in a dart. TV and movies TEACH people how to be criminals; ESPECIALLY teens; but also a LOT of adults. There is far more screaming out loud negative energy in the world today than there is positive energy. LIARS rule virtually everything.

  11. The question is where did he get the guns and Ammo. Did he steal it from someone or his parents or buy it off the street as most people get guns who are not LEGALLY able to get guns??? How do the Democraps plan on doing about those type of gun acquisitions??

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