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One comment on “WATCH: Rare, Incredible Footage Of The Battle For Berlin”

  1. I think General Eisenhower made the right decision to let Stalin's Army take Berlin, which saved a lot of American Soldiers that would have died during the battle. General Patton wanted his 3rd Army to take it, and I'm sure it was hard for him to have to "stand down" and let the Russians have the honor. Just months earlier the Americans, British, French and other Western Allies had just fought and won The Battle of The Bulge. Americans had 80,000 killed or wounded, the Germans roughly 100,000 in that epic battle. On the downside, the countries the Russians supposedly liberated, after pushing the German and Axis Powers out, became trapped and occupied by the Russians. Beginning of the "Cold War", erection of the Berlin Wall, and the "Russian Iron Curtain".

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