WATCH: Sinister Military Stealth Aircraft Looks Out Of This World

By Ethan Cole on
 December 22, 2021

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8 comments on “WATCH: Sinister Military Stealth Aircraft Looks Out Of This World”

  1. The skin has wrinkles, so it's not it's true color in the picture. Is this the ship that has cloaking,death lasers,. And pinpoint targeting. Facial recognition,heat targeting and boo looks s of other death eqipment .
    Will it be used on Americans????

  2. Definitely NOT alien. They will not contact us until they find intelligent life on our planet, ESPECIALLY at the leadership level.

  3. The Chi Comms most likely already have the plans for that as they had the Plans for out futuristic chips. WE are sooo stupid as to allow Chines spies into our research and developmental companies and also our so called regime who sell us out.

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