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8 comments on “WATCH: UK Deploys Anti-Tank Weapons, Troops To Ukraine”

  1. I'm old enough to remember how the countries of Continental Europe stood by with their hands in their pockets while Hitler scooped up a lot of real estate and murdered or confined without cause a great many people.
    Britain's PM got a useless oath from a liar, but it was still the only nation that did anything at all. Are we about to see a replay? Get off your ass Europe! The destructive potential of WWIII could end humanity.
    I know, it ain't much - but it's all we have.

    1. WORLDWIDE NEWS BUREAUS CONSTANTLY VILLIFYING THE U.S.A. But when the hungry wolf is at their door steep they cry and howl for UNCLE SAM to come and rescue them. I have had Uncles die in WW1 and 2 defending Pusillanimous Europe. Now as a 79 year old veteran, i can see cumulative greed and spinelessness once more deaf to the Word of GOD, getting ready to cover the red ink on the books with another war.

    1. If we would acknowledge that we fight against Principalities and Not carry on as if WE THE PEOPLE have the Ultimate solution then the constant replay of Predators and Parasites would Not be repeatedly ruining this Incredible Gift of GOD we inhabit.-------( Or woud Ya rather live on Mars,Jupiter,< Pluto etc ==huhh, huhh ???). 'Nuff sed-- Right?

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