WATCH: U.S. Army Air Force Shoots Down Admiral Yamamoto's Plane

By Ethan Cole on
 August 9, 2023

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3 comments on “WATCH: U.S. Army Air Force Shoots Down Admiral Yamamoto's Plane”

  1. Let's ALWAYS remember Pearl Harbor and this terrible war that spread throughout the world! God forbid, that we should EVER have such a war again! May we learn to live in peace with ALL our neighboring countries and respect the beautiful planet that God has given to us...without all the death and destruction that war brings!

  2. Movie fodder alone ,must be told doable today
    See coming 8th AF Sky Heroes being produced today

  3. In todays military with the leaders we have they would ground our aircraft and kick out our service men who wouldn't take a shot of who knows what that has been proven don't work.

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