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11 comments on “WATCH: US Marine Corps F/A-18 Fighter Jet Launched”

  1. I pull up the video expecting to see an FA-18 go for it and what do I get a Globalstar landing, talking about click bait.

  2. Definitely not for me !!! Flying & landing a flying a small town in the air ? W O W , MY HAT'S OFF TO YOU MEN FOR ALL THAT YOU DO !!! AMZING !

  3. I'm not nearly as expert as those posting here about this aircraft - but MAN OH MAN - If I was the MOM of these BRILLIANT AND GORGEOUS YOUNG MEN I'd be mighty PROUD of them and their abilities. GOD BLESS THEM AND THE GREAT NATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA....
    Please God allow me to come back as a brilliant young man who became a PILOT.

  4. As a former Marine working on F-4's as an aviation electricians mate. I never had the opportunity to service an F/A-18. That seems to be an awesome aircraft. Semper Fi.

  5. I was stationed on Guam in the early 70's and it was, and still is a beautiful island. Did my heart good to see it from high above. The accuracy from so high above is amazing!

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