WATCH: Veterans Give Searing Testimony on Biden Administration's Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan

 January 13, 2024

In searing, sometimes graphic detail, several witnesses recounted their experiences as active-duty service members sent to assist with the evacuation of US troops and civilians from Afghanistan as the Taliban swept to power in August 2021.

The hearing was the first in what is expected to be a multi-part investigation by Republicans into the Biden administration’s handling of the evacuation from Afghanistan.

We will never forget this disaster, as much as the Biden administration might want us to.


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10 comments on “WATCH: Veterans Give Searing Testimony on Biden Administration's Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan”

  1. There you have it, Sheeple, the greatest President in history reduced to a bagga rocks with his bonehead play in Afghanistan .

    1. As a combat wounded Veteran, Trump did not set up the evacuation in Afghanistan, Joe Biden is the one responsible for the withdraw.
      As a matter if fact the Afghan Authorites were going to give Biden all of Kabul not just the airport, Biden refused it. That alone would've save atleast five lives.
      All our FLAGS in America fly at FULL MAST when they should be flying at HALF MAST until all return home.

    2. Trump was believed to have been planning a withdrawal, but Biden certainly did not use Trumps withdrawal plan... The Biden administration is absolutely to blame for the Taliban, a ruthless terrorist group, being in control of Afghanistan.

    3. Get a life......this was Joe Biden's withdrawal and evacuation plan.......the blood of those he sacrificed that day lay on his hands alone.

  2. corruption with this president has yet to stop as he is sell out America ,just as you see it everyday and laugh's about it,while his family is making the money for him and the corruption everyday gets worst....,

  3. How many times has Biden committed treason? How many times has he betrayed America. How many crimes has he committed on humanity? This evil old man needs prison or the death penalty! He is destroying the world with his evil mind and personal gain crap. Chuck Schumer and Mitch need arrested for treason too!

  4. This agenda of JOE Biden/Harris is MURDER
    America had a Military policy of Leave NO ONE BEHIND and Joe shut that down.
    All of the American people and People That help America were promised safety for their efforts
    and they also lost their lives. Plus the millions and millions dollars of Helicopter's along with ammunition and GUNS that have been used to KILL our people along with the promised people by the taliban The A Holes that brought 911
    We must NEVER FORGET. Now Iran is backing Hamis in Israel that started with a surprise attaching killing thousands' of baby's and elderly men and women by beheading them. These are Obama's' Friends
    Word out now is that Illegals are being placed in Veteran Hospitals

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