Off-Duty Paramedic Couple Save Unconscious Man’s Life


First responders never know when their skills are going to be needed. It can be while they are working or someone may need the help of a first responder while they are off-duty and picking up their luggage.

Picking Up Baggage…

In Oklahoma City, a Moore Lieutenant firefighter and his wife were headed to the baggage claim after their flight from Colorado. As they looked around the area, they noticed that something did not seem quite right with a gentleman who appeared to be sleeping.

The couple, Alex and Chelsee Meron, walked over to check on the man. When they looked for his pulse, they could not find one.

The couple realized that the man was likely having a medical episode. Alex began CPR while Chelsee, a charge nurse, went over to grab one of the AED’s that the Will Rogers World Airport has throughout.

Life-Saving Measures

According to News 9, the couple resuscitated the man within a couple of minutes and EMSA was on route to the airport.

The Deputy Chief of the Moore Fire Department Ryan Marlar said, ” We emphasize a lot about situational awareness, being very cognizant about your surroundings.”

It is clear that Alex and Chelsee were very aware of their surroundings even though they were not actively working.

“Sizing up the situation and then we apply it throughout an entire career. I believe that was what happened with Lieutenant Meron at the airport. He looked over at somebody that just didn’t seem normal.”

Deputy Chief Ryan Marlar

Smart Instillation

For the last decade, the airport has had ten AED’s in visible spots throughout the building, an investment that has paid off.

Marlar said it does not surprise him that Meron and his wife stepped up to help someone in need.

“He is a leader in an organization, so I am not surprised,” said Marlar. “This is the kind of guy he is, and this is the kind of guys we have working at the fire department.”

According to EMSA the man who suffered the medical episode was still breathing when he was taken to the hospital.

Always Aware…

First responders are always aware of what is going on around them. Their training becomes ingrained in their everyday lives.

After a point, it becomes second nature and they are ready to step-in when ever and where ever someone is having an emergency.




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