Professor Stands Strong, Refuses To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag

An engineering professor at USC in Southern California refuses to remove his thin blue line flag from his office door, though the students have attempted to force him.

Pushing An Agenda

James Moore told For News that the flag was attached to his door at the beginning of the fall school year. The American flag stands in support of law enforcement with the thin blue line running through it.

Students of the college want Moore to take the flag down. But Moore does not want to. Instead, Moore said, "I wanted to communicate to progressively-oriented students that there's a competing point of view."

To him, the flag has a couple of different purposes. First, he wanted conservative students to know they have a voice and for black students to know that they have a risk when it comes to police violence.

“I think it's a lie. Black lives benefit rather strongly, disproportionately from the activities of police… Black lives are at greatest risk from reduced police service.”

James Moore

Shai Porat, a graduate student, complained to the USC's Office of Equity and Diversity. However, the university said that Moore had not violated any policies. Despite Porat and others' protesting, the flag is still there, and Moore said it is there to "communicate a different view than what students are used to seeing."

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