Professor Stands Strong, Refuses To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag

By Ethan Cole on
 November 19, 2021

An engineering professor at USC in Southern California refuses to remove his thin blue line flag from his office door, though the students have attempted to force him.

Pushing An Agenda

James Moore told For News that the flag was attached to his door at the beginning of the fall school year. The American flag stands in support of law enforcement with the thin blue line running through it.

Students of the college want Moore to take the flag down. But Moore does not want to. Instead, Moore said, "I wanted to communicate to progressively-oriented students that there's a competing point of view."

To him, the flag has a couple of different purposes. First, he wanted conservative students to know they have a voice and for black students to know that they have a risk when it comes to police violence.

“I think it's a lie. Black lives benefit rather strongly, disproportionately from the activities of police… Black lives are at greatest risk from reduced police service.”

James Moore

Shai Porat, a graduate student, complained to the USC's Office of Equity and Diversity. However, the university said that Moore had not violated any policies. Despite Porat and others' protesting, the flag is still there, and Moore said it is there to "communicate a different view than what students are used to seeing."

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14 comments on “Professor Stands Strong, Refuses To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag”

  1. Good for the professor! Poor babies can't stand it when someone disagrees with their ridiculous point of view. Just shut up and do your work. go preach to your choir, leave others alone.

  2. God Bless the professor. A breathe of fresh air in the sordid Gomorrah that California has become and the rest of the Left Coast. The students are so brainwashed that they cannot see all the destruction and moral decay caused by their "progressive" thinking.

  3. college is to learn, different views and ideas, if the students want the flag down, they are losing education on that very fact. School is to teach how to think, not what to think. If they wish to deny what an education really is, could be they need to pay themselves, might make them learn.

  4. Professor Moore has the guts to show his students that everybody has a right to air differing opinions.
    The problem with grad student Porat and others is that when they get out into "The Real World", they won't, or can't realize that they are incapable to silence people they don't agree with.
    Those type of humans, so insulated in their own little bubble, have a rude awakening when it comes to reality, that they are incapable to understand there are laws in this country that allow freedom of speech and expression.
    Student Porat and the others should think; to use the old cliche' "What if the shoe were on the other foot"?

  5. These spoiled brats need to learn that there ideas really don’t matter. They are green as grass and a long way from being grown up!

    1. Nancy is totally correct. These spoiled brats are the older versions of children who received participation trophies for events in which they did not participate. I sometimes feel sorry for them: but not too often. I would not want to look forward to a life of living under a bridge and dumpster diving for food because I could not cope with even the absolute mildest forms of reality. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) these virtually useless pieces of protoplasm will go the same way as the "activists" of the 60's (dead in their 40's from drugs and alcohol). The bottom line is: "people of substance do not have time to agonize over this kind of crap because they are too busy performing activities that actually make a positive difference in peoples's everyday life". My personal attitude is: "acknowledge these so-called activists existence, ignore their words, deal with their behaviors, cut them no slack (let reality have an unobstructed straight line approach to sticking it's size 12 boot up their ass), defend your positions with vigor and no compromising, and daily accomplish some positive tasks of value to someone's life". Under no circumstances should the professor take down his flag. If the so-called "students" want to boycott the class, so be it and don't worry about it, their choice. Flunk um! I went through these kinds of affairs 60 years ago.

      1. I am totally amazed the leftist school is in favor and backing the Conservative views of the professor----the schools and their leftist BS for 60 years is the main cause for what we are dealing with today------hopefully something is changing and long overdue, it is called a breath of fresh air------the professor has my vote!!!

  6. Screw the communist students . If they don't like there they are free to go to a more leftist University of their paying parents money.

  7. If they don't like the Flag & don't like the Police, they're free to leave.
    I'm sure there are countries who are willing to take these "Useful Idiots" in.

  8. globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep are too stupid to think and to lazy to react, globalist puppet $oro$ always hires his libby snow flake sheep and orders them what to think and how to react to globalist agendas .

  9. Way to go, Professor. Those immature, liberal kids have no clue what the real world is like. They're simply parroting what they are told by the ill-informed and radical activists.

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