Off Duty Firefighter Singlehandedly Attempts To Rescue Child From Raging Residential Fire

firefighter Stefon Douglas

Most people run away from danger and unless you are in the Military or a First Responder, this is usually a pretty good idea. Fortunately, there are men and women who are ready at a moments notice to run into the most dangerous situations to save others. Not to mention, these daring actions are usually carried out without regard for their own safety.

This exact scenario unfolded this week when off-duty FDNY firefighter Stefon Douglas saw smoke pouring from a home on his street. Douglas had just finished his shift on Engine 276 and was returning home when he noticed the incident.

“I had just parked my car and noticed heavy black smoke coming from a house on the block. Occupants were self-evacuating from the house, but they indicated that someone might still be inside,”


Luckily, Douglas has his self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) in his vehicle and tried to make entry. While the breathing apparatus helped, he was not wearing any other protective gear and was unable to get inside the residence until he wen around the back. A man there was fighting the flames with a garden hose and Douglas saw his opportunity.

Douglas used the hose to keep back some of the flames as he entered the home and began searching for the missing child. After a terrifying couple of moments he found the child in a bathroom and was able to usher them to safety.

Once outside, Douglas encountered the responding firefighters who were able to make entry and rescue another victim trapped inside.

If it was not for the heroic actions of Douglas, the child would likely not have survived the incident.




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