Medal of Valor: Firefighter Works To Rescue Arson Victim Despite Being Fire Himself

 October 23, 2021

Firefighters often put the publics safety ahead of their own. For example, one Phoenix Fire Department Engineer went into a burning home to save a man, even though he was putting himself in danger. Engineer Stephen Gunn was given the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor for his brave actions in 2016.

Massive Fire

The Phoenix Fire Department was called to a blaze at a single-story home on April 7, 2016, where multiple people were stuck inside. The first team onsite was Engine 193 from Peoria,

Engineer Stephen Gunn looked into the home through a picture window that had been blown out. He saw one of the victims unconscious and lying on the floor.

The room was full of smoke and flames, but Engineer Gunn went into the room anyway. As he worked within the flames, his helmet began melting, his protective gear began to melt, and his skin began to burn.

Retrieving The Victim

He had only been in the blaze for about 40 seconds. Right before the room flashed with flames, Gunn was able to get the victim out of the home and into the waiting arms of the captain.

The unconscious victim was also not breathing. The firefighters employed the use of life-saving measures. However, his injuries were too extensive, and he died several days after the fire.

Engineer Gunn had burn injuries. They were treated at the Arizona Burn Center, and he was back to work for his next shift.

It eventually was determined that the fire was arson and a part of a home invasion. The fire moved quickly throughout the home. There were several propane tanks on the home's back patio, which caught on fire and exploded.

The heroic actions of Engineer Gunn were captured on a sheriff's body camera, showing exactly what Gunn went through to get the man to safety. For his heroism, he was presented with the Medal of Valor.

This was not the first time Engineer Gunn had been honored for his work. Watch the video below of Gunn being presented Arizona's Firefighter of the Year Award.

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