Good Guy With A Gun Ends Active Shooter Rampage, Saves Countless Lives

Elisjsha “Eli” Dicken

Despite what anti-gun activists would have us think, armed citizens trained in the use of firearms are the best defense against mass shootings.

This was proven yet again over the weekend when another Good Samaritan put an end to an active shooter’s rampage. Of course, the mainstream media seems to be ignoring this story as much as it can because it goes against the narrative that armed citizens are somehow a bad thing.

The reality is that many people would be dead if it wasn’t for 22-year-old Elisjsha “Eli” Dicken.

Though he had no intention of shooting anyone when he visited the mall with his girlfriend that day, he was prepared to do just that. Eli learned to shoot from his grandfather and has had no military or police training. However, he showed incredible skill by striking the shooter with 8 of the 10 shots he fired from 40 yards away.

Ironically, the mall was one of the infamous “gun free zones”. Obviously, this fact was ignored by the active shooter. Fortunately for many, Eli also ignored the “gun free zone” signs. Thankfully, police are hailing Eli as a hero and it does not seem that he will face any charges for his actions.

Eli’s girlfriend, currently in nursing school, is also being hailed as a hero. Immediately after the shooter was neutralized she leapt in and began rendering aid to the victims. Sadly, despite her efforts, three people died. Two others were seriously wounded by the shooter but are expected to recover.

This story is just another example of how good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns much faster than waiting for the police. Mass shootings are becoming all too common in America, but thankfully there are more and more people are exercising their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves and others.

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