American Troops Under Attack As Putin Claims He Wil Use Nukes

 March 14, 2024

According to Daily Mail, Russian President Vladimir Putin has openly declared readiness for nuclear conflict with the United States should American troops be deployed to Ukraine.

The statement, signaling the modernity of Russia's nuclear capabilities, intensifies the atmosphere of tension between Russia and the West, especially with the ongoing military maneuvers and Western military presence in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, at 71, made these alarming remarks in an interview with Rossiya-1 television, where he underscored that the deployment of US troops to Ukraine could potentially trigger a nuclear response.

Putin's alarming stance on nuclear capabilities ahead of election

Emphasizing the advancement and readiness of Russia's nuclear triad, Putin's comments resonate with concern amid strains with Western nations. The interview at the Kremlin on March 12 highlights a stark warning ahead of a presidential election in which Putin is expected to secure another term.

Putin explained, "Weapons exist to use them. We have our principles." This mindset elucidates Russia's nuclear strategy, suggesting a willingness to engage in nuclear warfare if the nation perceives its security to be under threat.

Indeed, Russia's military strength was on display with the testing of the Sarmat and Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles, showcasing advancements over American capabilities as per Putin's claims.

Tensions escalate with nuclear readiness

The interview with Vladimir Putin took a particularly grave tone when discussing the presence of foreign military personnel and the role of strategic nuclear weapons. Putin's assertion that the battlefield situation in Ukraine would remain unchanged despite foreign interventions, including military personnel or weapon supplies, suggests a bleak outlook for diplomatic resolutions.

The situation is further complicated by Russia's possession of the world's largest stockpile of nuclear warheads, controlling approximately 5,580 warheads. With post-Soviet Russia refraining from nuclear tests, the withdrawal of Russia's ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty under Putin's leadership marks a significant shift in nuclear policy.

Russian military strength was also exhibited through exercises involving strategic bombers and fighter jets over the Baltic and Caspian seas. These maneuvers, coupled with the interception of Russian military aircraft by Swedish JAS-39 Gripen jets, signify the high stakes involved as tensions with NATO persist.

A warning to the West

If perceived as necessary for national security, Putin's readiness for nuclear confrontation brings to light the profound risks associated with the current geopolitical climate. His belief in the superior modernity of Russia's nuclear capabilities serves as a stark reminder of the potential for escalation. Putin stated:

Vladimir Putin stated that Russia is prepared from a military and technical standpoint. He acknowledged that the United States has numerous Russian-American relations and strategic restraint experts, suggesting that he doesn't believe there is an immediate rush toward a nuclear confrontation.

However, he affirmed Russia's readiness for such a scenario. Putin also claimed that Russia's nuclear triad is more modern than any other, with only the United States possessing a comparable system. He emphasized that Russia has made significant advancements in this area.

This assertion underlines the seriousness with which Putin views the protection of Russian interests and the lengths to which he is prepared to go.


Russian President Vladimir Putin's declaration of readiness for nuclear confrontation in response to the potential deployment of US troops to Ukraine underscores a significant escalation in rhetoric amid ongoing tensions with the West. His comments, made during an interview at the Kremlin, emphasize the modernity of Russia's nuclear capabilities and the strategic doctrine that allows for nuclear weapon use if Russia's national security is threatened.

With the world's largest stockpile of nuclear warheads and recent military exercises showcasing Russia's strength, Putin's stance sends a warning to the West about the serious implications of further military involvement in Ukraine. This narrative, marked by readiness for nuclear engagement and the demonstration of military might, reflects a critical juncture in the strained relationships between Russia and Western powers, notably within the broader context of geopolitical tensions.

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