Americans Trapped Behind Enemy Lines In Afghanistan, Taliban Still Not Allowing Flights To Leave Kabul

 September 18, 2021

While President Biden promised that he and the state department would get the stranded Americans out of Afghanistan However, they have shared very few details on how that exactly is going to happen.

The quick withdrawal from the country left many stranded, and Americans are looking for the answers on how those individuals are going to get home. Toward the end of last week, two Qatar airlines flights flew out of the airport, but no one is sharing information on whether or not stranded Americans made those flights.

Coming Forward

Finally, the State Department verified that there were no Americans on those planes. Then, to top that off, they shared that the Taliban is no longer being cooperative.

According to State Department spokesperson Ned Price, the administration has "pulled every lever available." However, the Taliban is not letting planes fly out of the airport.

One reporter asked Price if there was any progress with the flights. The reporter said, "And also the Secretary had said State would be coordinating with veterans groups who are doing their evacuation and extraction efforts. Has that been formalized? And if so, what does that look like now?”


Price replied, "veterans groups have played an important and welcome role in this, but other advocacy groups, humanitarian groups, lawmakers, NGOs, private companies, media organizations, a constellation of actors have come to the support of the people of Afghanistan,”

A complete nonanswer. He even tried to talk about North Korea, but the reporter would not let go of Kabul.

Price eventually answered no, explaining that they have done everything in their power to get the people still in Afghanistan home, but the Taliban is not cooperating.

“The State Department, as we have said, has pulled every lever available to us. We have gone to extraordinary lengths with not only our engagement with the Taliban, but also with these other constellation of groups on the ground and operating from afar, and also with countries in the region. And to our minds, these flights, these individuals, there is no reason they should not be able to depart. And that’s what we’re continuing to focus on.”

Ned Price

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20 comments on “Americans Trapped Behind Enemy Lines In Afghanistan, Taliban Still Not Allowing Flights To Leave Kabul”

  1. Biden & his continued attacks on Americans needs to GO! Leaving Americans and service animals behind is beyond disgraceful! Not to mention military equipment so they can be used against us!

  2. Joe Biden should have started getting them out of Afghanistan in January after he took office if he was serious about getting them out. The Taliban had not gotten that far they had not taken over they could have taken care of Bagram airport got all that equipment out and gotten all the service dogs out. Then the Americans and the Afghan Translators out it could have been done. And what did he do he came into office started undoing everything Trump had done it was his number one priority and opening the gate up and letting everybody and his brother come in and we probably have Isis, Taliban and AL Qaeda Terrorists inside the USA. If Trump could have canceled the deal Obama made with Iran, then Biden could have canceled the agreement between Trump and Afghanistan.

  3. Once again my deep appreciation for all the work and lies from all the never Trumpers ! The world witnesses the work of your champion ! May God’s bless your souls for what you’ve wrought upon this nation !

  4. It's time to take more matters into our own hands. This Administration isn't going to help. Their too weak and nothing but LIAR's for the socialist and communist's lovers.

  5. America has many enemies, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran to name a few. To be sure heads of state in those countries are not our friends. However, can an individual who has led a disastrous exit from Afghanistan, responsible for 13 american service members dying needlessly, shutting down our energy production resulting in energy cost inflation. many jobs lost as a result of terrible energy policy. Begging our adversaries to increase their energy production so we can by their energy products not ours. Disaster at the southern border creating a humanitarian crisis. As a result dangerous criminal and probable foreign national terrorists coming across unchecked and unabated. Also many women and children dying at the hands of ruthless traffickers using this money making opportunity for them. I could go on and on,but would such a person be a worse ENEMY OF THE STATE then any of the above named enemies of America? Yes, Joe Biden you are!!!

  6. England called Biden incompetent ,France pulled their Ambassador ,Germany is pissed ,North Korea is firing missiles again , the Taliban is growing along with Isis . Great job Biden with all your foreign policy experience . Russia and China appreciate it !

  7. This whole Afghanistan Withdrawl was so badly orchestrated, it should never have happened the way it did! I feel for the Americans and others, who supported our troops, being left behind to a merciless group of thugs! I imagine the Taliban will want a lot of money in ransom for each individual they hold, and everything will be on their terms! This all could have been prevented by competent leadership from the top down. Taliban got everything they ever dreamed of and then some! The weapons we left behind, consisting of guns, trucks, helicopters, airplanes, night vision goggles, etc. were intact, ready for them to use against us, and anyone else! The sad part is that many of our people are still there, one can only imagine what's going through their minds, and of course their welfare during this trying time!

    1. Richard, this moron may be the left wingers president but I can assure you he will never be mine. He will be back soon.

  8. When you have the Keystone Cops in the WH along with fools like Milley, Blinken, Pelousy you can expect only the worst possible outcome

  9. Biden has committed TREASON by leaving Americans and our Afghan allies behind. TREASON MEANS A PUNISHMENT USED IN THE CIVIL WAR, HANGING.

  10. If Biden (The U.S), wanted this to stop, it would. If they wanted the southern border to be less porous, it would be so. The U.S. has the mightiest military and intelligence gathering network in the world. Think...what is the end game....above my paygrade.

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