China Strengthens Relationship With Taliban As US Withdraws From Afghanistan

By Ethan Cole on
 July 29, 2021

As the United States moves forward with their withdrawal from Afghanistan, a new relationship is forming, a far more concerning one.

China-Taliban Alliance

A new relationship seems to be forming between China and the Taliban. The Foreign Minister from China met with officials from the Taliban.

On the ministry's site Wang Yi is pictured with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Tianjin. The meeting had a mix of friendship and diplomacy all wrapped into one.

Addressing the meeting, Yi said that the Chinese honorsAfghan;s independence and integrity. He also said they would uphold the non-interference rules regarding Afghanistan.

He also had sharp criticism for the US withdrawal process. He said NATO and the US withdrawal  “reveals the failure of America’s policies and offers the Afghan people an important opportunity to stabilize and develop their own country.”

China did not have a set agenda for meeting with the Taliban though it's known that they want to push for peace in the area.

Sharing a Border

While it may be small, Afghanistan and China share a border in a remote valley. It has always been an area of concern for China that the Taliban could make it into the Xinjiang area, a region with a volatile history.

“The Taliban are a pivotal military and political force in Afghanistan and are expected to play an important role in the in process of peace, reconciliation and reconstruction." 

Wang Yi

Yi wants the Taliban to take peace for the country and its people seriously. He hopes that they will move to establish unity among their people.

He also wants the Turkistan Islamic Movement to be stopped. China believes the group is trying to stir things up in Xinjiang.

With the delegates from the Taliban, the leader of the Taliban Religious Council and the Propaganda Committee came.

US Withdrawal

The United States plans to be out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31. China has always hated having the United States stationed in their backyard. So they are thrilled that the troops are withdrawing.

Pakistan's leaders also visited China before their visit from the Taliban. Pakistan plays a crucial role in peace in Afghanistan.

Though the United States did not get an invite, meetings between the United States, Russia, and China have taken place to get the Taliban into peace talks. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman had a meeting with Yi in Tianjin to discuss the area.

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7 comments on “China Strengthens Relationship With Taliban As US Withdraws From Afghanistan”

  1. Goes to show one that Muslims don't care that China is persecuting muslims in their own country.

    1. Just shows you the USA is not the only country in the world where there are corrupt politicians. It is nothing new either remember the Native American chief that duped Washington into attacking a group of French soldiers on a peace seeking mission that was the start of the French and Indian War, ah! so much for the false idea that the noble Native Americans were all politically pure.

  2. The Chinese Communist are nothing but a bunch of A$#holes! They know how bad the Taliban have been to their own people yet China is willing to support them. They are both BAD people! This may possibly be a thrown in China's side.

  3. I DO NOT trust the Chinese as far as I could throw their entire Army. The only interest China has with ANY nation is what they can do for China. We should not be withdrawing from Afghanistan rather stay and help their government and people remain free.

  4. Yup, China wants peace..... just as with Taiwan, Hong Kong, and every other "area" China wants to control.
    The CCP has a long history of BREAKING every promise that they make.
    I think the Taliban will soon be fighting the ChiComs for this small piece of land....... at least it won't be Americans dying for the defense industrial complex this time around!!
    To ALL Patriots, Stay Safe from the leftie hoards and watch your six!!
    Joe, Proud USAF vet.

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