Bystanders Rush To Help Modesto Police Officer In Distress

When officers yell for help from the public, they never know if anyone is actually going to respond, especially in today's climate. Luckily for one California officer, he had some good sanitarians' that were ready to jump in.

Struggle With A Suspect

Source: YouTube

In Modesto, California, an officer was called to a liquor store parking lot on suspicion of suspicious activity. The caller reported that someone was trying to get into a parked car.

About 3:15 p.m., the responding officer arrived in the Star Food & Liquor parking lot. He looked around for the suspicious person but found no one.

According to Modesto Police spokeswoman Sharon Bear, he was called back to the lot within 15 minutes. The suspicious person was back.

Resisting Arrest

According to the Modesto Bee, the officer approached and went to pat him down since he was clothed in a loose outfit. However, the suspect had other plans.

According to Bear, “The suspect resisted, and it turned into the suspect and officer on the ground rolling around with the suspect trying to get the officer’s Taser and then the officer’s gun."

The suspect pulled the officers gun partly out of his holster, making his way through three levels of safety to get that far. The officer held the suspects hand and yelled to bystanders for help.

Three people rushed over, a woman and two men. They were able to assist the officer in pulling the suspect's hand away from the gun.

In Cuffs

The suspect gave up fighting after that and was able to be put in handcuffs. The officer ended up with a few scrapes and bruises.

The suspect, later identified as Daniel Steffens, 31, had a few cuts on his head and some bruising too. They both went to the hospital for care.

Steffens was sent to the Stanislaus County Jail and is being charged with suspicion of attempted murder, taking a firearm from a police officer, and resisting arrest.

A Better Ending

If the bystanders had not come to the officers aid, the story could have ended very differently. While officers are there to serve and protect the public, it is important that the public has their back when it truly matters most.

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