Cartel Thugs Laugh After Fatal National Guard Helicopter Crash

 March 10, 2024

A chilling event unfolded late last week, casting a shadow over two nations interconnected by tragedy and crime. A video has emerged showing cartel members laughing at a devastating helicopter crash in Texas, leading to an uproar among Americans calling for accountability from the current administration.

According to Western Journal, the incident in question transpired on a somber Friday, taking the lives of three brave individuals aboard the ill-fated aircraft. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection released footage exhibiting cartel operatives remotely witnessing the catastrophic crash through a drone. Their response, one of mockery and disdain, has sent shockwaves throughout communities and online platforms alike.

In the record, a cartel member's voice, suffused with scorn, can be heard uttering a curse as the helicopter plummeted. This moment of heartlessness, captured and dispersed across the enemies' social media channels, has riled up a multitude of citizens and officials alike.

Disrespect in the face of tragedy

The site of the calamity, known as the La Grulla area, frequently emerges in reports concerning illicit activities orchestrated by the cartels, including narcotics trafficking and the illegal transportation of individuals. This notwithstanding, the real tragedy unfolded aboard a National Guard helicopter, which, in its final moments, carried three soldiers and a Border Patrol agent.

Unfortunately, the crash claimed the lives of two soldiers alongside the agent, leaving a void in the hearts of their comrades and loved ones. Texas representative Troy Nehls, an advocate for the security forces and border patrol, took to social media to express his grief and indignation over the loss and the distasteful reaction by the cartel members.

"We mustn't lose sight of the lives deceitfully snatched away in this heinous act," Nehls articulated, emphasizing the pivotal role these individuals played in safeguarding the nation's frontiers.

Social media outcry against the administration

This tragedy has inflamed existing tensions and criticisms towards President Joe Biden and his cabinet members, highlighted by the border predicament that has troubled countless Americans. Journalist Ian Miles Cheong expressed his view on the matter, declaring, "Their deaths are on Mayorkas’ and Biden’s hands," in a statement echoing the sentiments of many.

Adding to the chorus of disapproval and sorrow, various individuals have taken to the digital sphere to voice their frustrations and mourning. A particularly poignant message underscored the perceived neglect by the administration towards the well-being of its citizens, doubly aggrieved by the audacity of cartel members to flaunt their disdain so publicly.

Another statement lamented the perceived emboldening of cartels due to governmental policies, criticizing the administration for indirectly facilitating the prosperity of these criminal organizations through lax border policies.


The incident of a helicopter crash witnessed and mockingly celebrated by cartel members has spurred widespread outrage and condemnation.

A National Guard helicopter crash resulted in the tragic loss of three individuals, sparking a fierce discussion on border security and governmental accountability.

Responses from lawmakers and the public alike reflect a deep-seated concern for the direction in which national security and international relations are headed, underscoring the need for a reassessment of policies and a renewed commitment to the safety and dignity of all citizens and servicemen alike.

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