Texas National Guard Defies Biden And Puts Up More Razor Wire

 January 25, 2024

The Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration against Texas Governor Greg Abbott, sparking a new phase in the border security standoff.

In a move that underscores the ongoing tensions at the US-Mexico border, Texas' National Guard has been observed fortifying the border with additional razor wire barriers.

This action follows closely on the heels of a Supreme Court decision allowing Border Patrol agents to remove these barriers.

Supreme Court Ruling Triggers Texas' Response

The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision granted a request by President Joe Biden's administration to pause a lower court ruling. This pause allows federal agents to interfere with the fencing while litigation continues. This decision is a setback for Governor Abbott, who has been a vocal advocate for stringent border security measures.

In response to the Supreme Court's ruling, state officials were seen setting up more razor wire at the border crossing at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass on Tuesday. This development is significant, considering it occurred just a day after the Court's decision.

Contentious Views on Border Fencing

The federal government and the state of Texas hold opposing views on the purpose and impact of the razor wire fences. While the federal government argues that these fences endanger safety and hinder rescue efforts, Texas maintains that they are essential for controlling the flow of migrants.

Even while traveling in India, Governor Abbott indicated his intention to continue the legal battle. Andrew Mahaleris, a spokesperson for Abbott, told DailyMail.com, "The absence of razor wire and other deterrence strategies encourages migrants to make unsafe and illegal crossings."

Operation Lone Star and Border Security

The controversial fencing is part of Operation Lone Star, which was launched by Governor Abbott in 2021. This initiative, aimed at deterring illegal border crossings, involves installing fencing on private property along the Rio Grande with the consent of landowners.

Texas sued the Biden administration in October 2023 over Border Patrol agents allegedly cutting or destroying the state-installed fencing. This lawsuit underscores the friction between state and federal authorities over border security strategies.

Border patrol agents have reportedly been cutting down the wire while conducting rescue operations. Three migrants have tragically drowned in the last month in the border area, highlighting the humanitarian aspect of this ongoing crisis.

Supreme Court Decision and Local Impact

The New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments on February 7 regarding the legalities of Border Patrol agents cutting the razor-wire barrier. This follows the Supreme Court's emergency appeal decision, originating from a Eagle Pass dispute.

In Eagle Pass, a city with a population of 28,000, more than 22,000 asylum-seeking migrants crossed the river into Shelby Park in the week before Christmas. This influx strained local resources and heightened the urgency of the debate over border security measures.

Border Patrol's Rescue Efforts and Legal Disputes

A particularly troubling incident occurred when Texas National Guard troops reportedly prevented Border Patrol agents from entering a state-controlled area.

This obstruction allegedly occurred during a rescue attempt of a migrant woman and two children who ultimately drowned.

Biden's Department of Justice's request to the Supreme Court aimed to ensure Border Patrol agents have access to these areas. This legal battle between the state of Texas and the federal government illustrates the complexity and urgency of border security issues.

Abbott's Border Strategy Faces Challenges

Governor Abbott's Operation Lone Star and other initiatives, such as placing buoys in the Rio Grande, have sparked controversy and legal challenges.

These measures reflect the governor's commitment to stringent border control, but they also highlight the clash with the White House over jurisdiction and border management strategies.

Texas' approach to border security, particularly under Governor Abbott's leadership, is significant in the broader national debate over immigration and border management. The recent developments at the border, including the Supreme Court's decision and Texas' subsequent actions, underscore the complexity and contentiousness of this issue.


The unfolding events at the Texas-Mexico border represent a critical juncture in the ongoing debate over border security and immigration policy in the United States. The Supreme Court's recent decision, Texas' response, and the legal and humanitarian implications of these developments are crucial aspects of this story.

  • The Supreme Court's ruling against Texas' border fencing and the state's immediate response
  • Differing views on the purpose and impact of the razor wire barriers
  • The ongoing legal battle and humanitarian concerns at the border
  • Governor Abbott's Operation Lone Star and its legal and political challenges
  • The broader national debate over immigration and border management

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3 comments on “Texas National Guard Defies Biden And Puts Up More Razor Wire”

  1. First off the woman and her children were already dead before the dispute over the state controlled area ever happened. Secondly the Supreme Court is beholding to the citizens of the United States and of Texas before illegal immigrants in terms of safety. Thirdly there are 28 ports of entry where the woman could have come through. No one forced her to jump in the Rio with her kids. Lastly if anyone needs to be held responsible it's Biden for encouraging these people to put themselves in harm's way to commit a crime by illegally entering the United States.

  2. Texas has every right to protect their borders and citizens from this invasion! The Biden administration is guilty of treason or at the least dereliction of their duty prescribed by our constitution! The Biden administration is guilty of theft by spending our tax money to house, educate, give health care, transportation and even give them cash to facilitate their criminal activity! There is no constitutional authorization for our government to give aid of any kind to people that have no right to even be here. We are being ripped off to facilitate the democrats political goals, also unconstitutional! Congress which is run by Democrats and uni-party Rinos are all guilty of the same thing! Our courts do not defend our constitution by insisting that the constitution be followed! I fear that if this does not end very soon and our laws and constitution is enforced we will have civil war. I pray every day that this don't happen, if it does all those people that broke into our country will be fair game to those patriots that are trying to defend our Republic! God help the United States of America!

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