Casper the Great Pyrenees: Sheepdog in Georgia Kills 8 coyotes in Defense of his Flock of Sheep

In the early hours of a cold winter morning in Georgia, Casper the great pyrenees fought off an entire pack of coyotes, killing 8 in defense of his flock of sheep. This heroic K9 has been credited with saving the lives of dozens of animals and is being hailed as a hero by animal lovers everywhere.

Farm owner John Wierwiller’s said this group of coyotes were particularly unafraid of him, and while he didn’t feel threatened himself, Casper appeared to be the pack’s target. Wierwiller stated that Casper fearlessly jumped into action without hesitation and charged straight at the coyotes. The heroic dog fought off each of the animals until they were all dead, with only minor injuries to himself.

Casper’s bravery is inspiring and many are concerned for his safety; however, Wierwiller insists Casper still shows no signs of fear when he's protecting his flock from potential threats. As a sheepdog, Casper is an invaluable resource on any farm, but this heroic story proves just how valuable he can be in defending the lives of others.

Animal lovers everywhere are praising Casper for his quick thinking and selfless actions, and we can all learn something from this brave K9: no matter the size or strength of an enemy, with courage and determination, anything is possible. Casper is a true hero!

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25 comments on “Casper the Great Pyrenees: Sheepdog in Georgia Kills 8 coyotes in Defense of his Flock of Sheep”

  1. More crap lazy “journalism”.
    He did not kill them all, and he got a lot more than “minor” injuries.
    Typical sensationalist drivel click bait.
    But yes, Casper is a badass!

  2. Casper should be rewarded with another Great Pyrenees or Anatolian so he has backup. He is very young and lucky to be alive.

  3. My dog or should I say my Best Friend Charlie is half Great Pyrenees. He is as gentle as a baby and he loves people. Never aggressive in any way. But if someone was to threaten me or any one around me he would protect me and them. These are the best breed of dogs.

  4. What a wonderful and sweet dog. I have a dog that sort of look like him and she is such a sweet animal and she would protect or kitty's if they were being attacked.

  5. Amazing Doggie, so beautiful, and so sweet looking, GOD bless him and heal him, for showing his heart and strength of endurance, being wounded severely, but protecting his flock from the vicious coyotes….

  6. I just wish more people were like this on be half of children and the elderly. We would have less preditor problems walk amoung us.

  7. English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds are routinely used by Western Kansas ranchers to kill coyotes. They leave the dead bodies on the owner's porches like a cat leaves mice for their owners. These dogs are designed with loose skin and rough fir to survive an attack.

  8. While I've never owned this breed of dog, while living in Aspen CO, just behind our house was a sheep ranch. Often I'd drive by and see several GP's guarding. Once one of the dogs wondered over the hill into our property. He was a sweetheart, we contacted the owners, and they came and retrieved him. I was very impressed with the big old boy:)

  9. Like always man's best friends and animals alike they can be rmtrusted more than any human to bad they can't run the country make one day they will we all owe a,ton of gratitude to man's best FRIEND ATTA BOY CASPER YOU DESERVE A BIG KISS AND HUGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The owner are careless. According to the story I read they watched this dog fight for his life for 30 minutes and did nothing. His situation was viewed but no one helped him. You never leave a dog by himself to defend animals in such an coyote infested area. At the very least he should have had one or more other guard dogs to help. You don't choose the number of guard dogs for your herd by the number of animals to be guarded but by the population of the predators you need to protect them from.

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