China Continues To Support The Taliban Against US Interests

With Kabul falling to the Taliban, China has offered the United States a chance to chat, hoping for a "soft landing" in Afghanistan. But, at the same time, the Chinese Foreign Minister has been criticizing Biden and Washington.

Offering a Hand?

Foreign Minister Wang Yi and U.S/ Secretary of State Antony Blinken talked on the phone on Monday. Wang said that the chaos in Afghanistan is in part due to America's quick withdrawal.

“China is willing to conduct communication and dialogue with the U.S. to promote the soft landing of the Afghan issue and avoid a new civil war or humanitarian disaster ... and not let it become a breeding ground and shelter for terrorism once again."

Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Kabul was quickly captured by the Taliban over the weekend, prompting a hasty exodus from the country. Though many troops remain in the country as the deadline for complete withdrawal approaches.

A Team Effort

Wang wants the United States and China to work together when it comes to global and regional issues. However, he cautions that the "US cannot, on the one hand, deliberately curb and suppress China to damage China’s legitimate rights and interests, and on the other hand, count on China to offer support and coordination.”

According to a statement from the State Department, Wang and Blinken talked about Afghanistan and the current state of affairs in the country. They also spoke about security concerns and ensuring the safety of their citizens.

Biden's administration had been actively trying to get China on the same page on issues like climate change. However, the administration has also been heavily critical of the nation on trade, technology, security in Asia-Pacific, and human rights.

True Agenda

According to Melbourne political risk analyst Henry Storey, Wang wants China to come across as a responsible global partnership, which plays in sharp contrast to America's interventionist tendencies.

“The reference to the U.S.’s ‘hasty withdrawal’ and Afghanistan being a ‘breeding ground and shelter for terrorism’ alludes to China’s clear anxieties around how instability in Afghanistan may impact China and the broader region."

Henry Storey

China and the U.S. have both had one-on-one conversations with Russian Prime Minister Sergey Lavrov. Wang wants Russia to encourage the Taliban to strive for more inclusive policies and bring about a peaceful end to the twenty-year war.

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13 comments on “China Continues To Support The Taliban Against US Interests”

  1. EVERY Nation should condemn the Taliban for their treatment of women and those who do not believe in their faith. They slaughter those who do not think like they do and Slaughter is the nicest word I can use to describe what they do.

    1. Make sure our elections are honest by using ID to vote and checking computerized voting. China is no friend. I believe they deliberately produced and put Covid into the world to get rid of Trump. When is Biden’s administration going to blame them. Hunter and Biden are in the pockets of China and Russia. President Trump wasn’t when are the Republicans going to impeach Biden as a traitor of the US.

  2. Trump had a logical, reasonable plan to exist Afghanistan complete with contingencies if the Taliban failed to live up to their end of the agreement. Biden and/or his handlers (those that make his decisions) discarded everything Trump did and have blundered their way to complete chaos. Their irresponsible and in competent action could result in the death and/or capture of up to 10,000 American citizens and who knows how many pro American Afghans.

  3. As if Biden can make China or any nation listen to him after his royal debacle of a withdrawal. What an embarrassment for our country to have him as our president.

  4. Hidenbiden,his generals,blinkin, and all other minions, that made these decisions,to abandon our allies, and not tell anyone of our allies, what were doing, all need to be removed for total incompetency. They need to be arrested and charged with treason.

  5. One devil joining hands with another devil. The Taliban will soon discover China is not a true ally but a foe.

  6. I trust Blinken about as much as I trust Biden or his Buds in China. We will be forced to learn the Chinese fast enough. Now we’re going to help them bring us to our knees? What did anyone expect though, really? Joe Biden has done nothing good at all in 50 years on our dime. Americans didn’t even elect Joe Biden. All they were concerned with is beating Trump. Now we all suffer because the Cancerous media and Democrats successfully made Trump out to be a villain. No one knows why they were doing better when Trump was in office. It was all just coincidental right? Then these nice guys in the Chineese lab either made a mistake or a calculated move to help the Dem’s remove their opponent that had them finally paying an itty bitty part of what they owe us. Trumps plan was to bring all who wanted to come home, back home, pull our troops and bomb our air base. Why didn’t Joe Biden have to stick to that part of our agreement. Democrats are very evil people.

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