Taliban Sweeps The South, Capturing Three More Provincial Capitals

 August 16, 2021

Just as the United States military sends more troops to assist with securing airports, getting people out of the embassy, and securing visas in Afghanistan, the Taliban makes significant moves to take over key cities.

On Friday, the Taliban captured three provincial capitals while maneuvering closer and closer to Kabul. In the battle for the capital of Helmand province, an opium hub, British, American, and NATO troops engaged in the bloodiest fights in 20 years.

In this particular battle, hundreds of troops were killed. The Taliban currently have control of 18 provincial capitals out of Afghanistan's 34. In addition to Helmand, they took over Herat and Kandahar.

According to U.S. intelligence, the Taliban are likely to take control over Kabul within the next 30 days. If they continue down this path, they will have complete control over Afghanistan in a couple of months.

According to the leader of the provincial council in Helmand, Attaullah Afghan, Lashkar Gah was taken after heavy fighting for weeks. Finally, they raised a white flag and let the Taliban take control.

However, they still maintain control over three national army bases just outside the capital. Similar stories came out of the two other capitals.

Additional Troops

With the United States sending more troops over, Britain and Canada also sent more soldiers to evacuate their embassies. As a result, many Afghanis are leaving their homes in fear.

Most are afraid of the Taliban taking control and reinstating a brutal and repressive regime that practically eliminates women's rights and publicly executes people. Though diplomats are still meeting, peace talks in Qatar are at a standstill.

Even though the U.S. envoy to the peace talks requested an end to the attacks, the Taliban kept onward, moving toward the Logar province south of Kabul.

According to Bill Roggio with the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, the Afghan army has had many internal issues, from corruption to mismanagement. As a result, the troops are not well-equipped, and they are not invested in the fight.

However, the Taliban is highly invested in taking control, spending the better part of a decade working little by little to gain ground. Biden's announcement of withdrawal gave them the opening to progress forward.

Defending Kabul from the Taliban is the main objective now. Herut and Helmand had held out as long as they could before the Taliban took over. Now it is Kabul's turn.

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7 comments on “Taliban Sweeps The South, Capturing Three More Provincial Capitals”

  1. Not well equipped 🤔, I read that they now have our US equipment that was left behind, such as Blackhawks!!! Way to go BIDEN.

    1. The only good thing is all of that equipment is not working because of lack of maintenance! Of course the Soviets and Chinese can quickly repair all of it and giving them all the info on our military equipment.

  2. This is proof of Biden's incompetence and he MUST be removed from Office. The problem is the Vice President is also not a leader in any sense and does not want the job. Same for Pelosi, she probably does not want the position with all the problems that we have because of Biden and his Administration. She is also highly incompetent. What are we supposed to do? Maybe declare the election WAS in FACT stolen and re-instate Trump as our president for the next 4 years and hope and pray he can get us out of this mess by putting his wise policies back in place and rebuilding our military and remove the perversion in there and getting the country back on a firm foundation by following the US Constitution. Of course this will not happen as it is just too common sense which the Government is clearly lacking.

    1. What President Trump needs to do is have all these democratic morons put in jail , while he tries to settle down tha taliban ! BOOT ALL THESE ILLEGALS OUT OF OUR COUNTRY ! ( They do NOT belong here to begin with ) !!! Today I read PRESIDENT TRUMP has ordered / requested joey bidden to step down ! IT IS WAY OVER DUE ! SICKENING HOW FAST AMERICA IS FALLING TOO !!! M A G A !

      1. The illegals won't fight for our country. They didn't fight for theirs. They know how to run and break the laws.

  3. Biden and his People should rot in hell. Actually he’s opened up a World of hell for us. He should be impeached, where did those jackasses come off to try and impeach Trump? Biden should be impeached, his Son, the drug addict, whore should be in jail. Our Country is being destroyed and we will never be the same. Biden is treated so well to the idiot Media, sickening. Wake up People and smell the coffee!

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