City Sending Mental Health Professionals Instead of Police To 911 Calls, How Long Until This Turns Tragic?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Some Columbus City Council members are tickled with their pet project, though common sense dictates that this will end badly for someone.

The program sends mental-health and addiction professionals instead of police to certain "nonviolent" 911 calls. According to City Council President Shannon Hardinhas this has "the potential to be a national model," .

Let's hope not...

The problem is that any 9-11 call can turn violent on a dime. In fact, most the police fatalities are from traffic stops and domestic disputes, many of which are initially classified as "nonviolent".

What happens when these mental health professionals encounter someone who is actually violent? How will they protect themselves and the person they are trying to help?

It's only a matter of time before something terrible happens as a result of this ill-conceived program. City Council members would be wise to abandon it now, while there is still time.

What do you think, should someone replace trained, armed police officers on supposed "nonviolent" 911 calls?

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31 comments on “City Sending Mental Health Professionals Instead of Police To 911 Calls, How Long Until This Turns Tragic?”

  1. When this policy turn South and someone dies then what?
    People are definitely going to die and only a moron would even attempt this type of policy.
    People that don't have to die will die and the only people to come out on this deal will be lawyers. Lawyers will get wealthy.
    Our politicians and policymakers are supposed to be smart.
    This is definitely not a smart idea. It is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  2. This should work out well, with luck these “mental health professionals?” Will be massacred at scene. The idiots who make stupid decisions like this need to be fatal victims of their idiocy.

    1. Don't insult animals - they have survival skills/common sense. 98% of politicians don't even know the meaning of those words. Politicians only care about greed & power.

  3. Well, I guess if there are that many people who believe they can "fix" anything by talking, it's time the gene pool is cleansed.

  4. What's new with Democrats endangering lives? 58 404 were killed in the Vietnam War and Democrats spit on returning Veterans and chanted baby killer they are some of the very same Democrats that are in power today.

    1. Right on point Rick. And one of those Demoncrats is none other than NAZI BIDEN himself. “SIEG HIEL NAZI BIDEN” LOL. He’s more of a clown than a president.

  5. Freaking INSANITY !!!!!!!!!
    I would say that apparently the mental health employees are themselves delusional !!!!!!!!
    Their blood will be on the hands of the city council and themselves !!!!! I give it 2 weeks tops before tragedy comes !!!!!!!!

    1. I give it one day before one of the health workers is dead on the spot. and they will cover it up because they will not want the public to know just how stupid their idea was. but that won't stop them. the ones who put them in office need to be the ones killed so they can't vote any more.

      1. What happens when a mental health worker is taken hostage? Who are they going to call? Another mental health worker who speaks better than the hostage? Let's pray for the police who have to respond to an escalated situation and hope a policeman doesn't get caught in the middle and has to defend themselves if a health worker "hero" gets killed in the process of reconciling a dangerous situation. The cop will be on trial and the health worker will get a statue.

  6. I'm happy these idiots don't live in my town. who will they use when the health workers are all killed? The police officers have guns and are trained and they still get killed. You have to stop and think of the morans who put these morans in office.

  7. the city council members are a bunch of idiots. They are putting the lives of good people in danger. As a former police officer I can tell you we never let a mental health worker go to a call without an officer there for his or her protection.

  8. The people who REALLY NEED a mental health care worker visit them is the IMBECILIC RETARDED political leaders and others who promote this asinine policy.

  9. One only has to look at the idiots they elect to the City Council, then they elect this idiot to President of the council. Then he had the nerve to say: "This has “the potential to be a national model,” another liberal loser. Tell this mental giant to look around the country and see how all of these liberal/social policies/programs are working. To fully understand why this is happening either the voters failed to do their homework on the candidates or they just didn't care. Then he had the nerve to say: "City Council President Shannon Hardinhas "this has “the potential to be a national model,” another liberal loser.

  10. I think I have a good idea how this will turn out. It will then be said that, " We had no idea?" Yeah, right. The goof balls on the left never run out of social experimentation ideas.

  11. As a survivor of domestic violence and advocate for victims rights,this won't work.more innocent people will be needlessly harmed or's shameful.

  12. Be sure and train and arm those "mental health professionals" and other social workers that are sent out on these calls and give them combat pay. They will be easy targets for the unstable people that they are being called upon to deal with, who will know that they are unarmed and easy targets, not like police officers.

  13. It might be alright to have liberals sing songs, write poetry, be artists, act in movies and television, but for the last thing in the world they should be allowed to do, is be in charge of any type of law enforcement or criminal prosecutions, any type of government except the welfare office, especially right now, when criminals are already out of control because of them. They don't have the right kind of mind to do the right things and solve problems.

  14. Too bad that those who make the laws in regard to police work, have never worked was a police officer or in some cases, never worked in any job that they have to deal with the public up close and personal. I just read an article where three cops responded to loud voices, one cop dead, one fighting for his life, and the other, just a new cop, who knows how is dealing with it. In this case, the son came out of his room with 9mm and killed one cop, wounded the second and was going to put another bullet into him, if it wasn't for cop number three. They didn't know that the son had a rap sheet as long as he is tall, and the gun was stolen in a major city on the east coast. Bet the 911 dispatcher would have sent a social worker instead of the police, but then, there would be a dead social worker. Wake up people! The police do a great job helping their communities, but not to be dumped upon by liberals who know nothing about the real world.

  15. All of this attempt that leftoids are trying to take America's TRUE AMERICANS GONE! This should be STOPPED NOW! I SAY NOW!!! The leftists are the ones who should be arrested and never be allowed to vote again. They are destroying AMERICA.

  16. Sounds like the idiots on the City Council need to be doing ride alongs with cops,,, hopefully they will learn something or at least get them a good asskicking.

  17. God bless these poor people but you voted for these fools in and you let them take your guns so you can't protect yourselves and now they have social workers protecting you it would be funny if wasn't so very sad.

  18. Reminds me of the old bumper sticker from the Sixties, "Don't like police? Next time you're in trouble, call a hippie!"

  19. As a former Police Officer and Chief of Police, I can tell you that some these mental health people will die and their deaths will be on the hands of the politicos. We used to send an officer with mental health workers on their calls when they knew their clients could be violent.

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