City Sending Mental Health Professionals Instead of Police To 911 Calls, How Long Until This Turns Tragic?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Some Columbus City Council members are tickled with their pet project, though common sense dictates that this will end badly for someone.

The program sends mental-health and addiction professionals instead of police to certain "nonviolent" 911 calls. According to City Council President Shannon Hardinhas this has "the potential to be a national model," .

Let's hope not...

The problem is that any 9-11 call can turn violent on a dime. In fact, most the police fatalities are from traffic stops and domestic disputes, many of which are initially classified as "nonviolent".

What happens when these mental health professionals encounter someone who is actually violent? How will they protect themselves and the person they are trying to help?

It's only a matter of time before something terrible happens as a result of this ill-conceived program. City Council members would be wise to abandon it now, while there is still time.

What do you think, should someone replace trained, armed police officers on supposed "nonviolent" 911 calls?

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