Skyrocketing Violence Forces City Council To Reinstate School Resource Officers

 October 16, 2021

Cities across the nation saw their school resource officers eliminated as the city council's reduced funding for police departments. Then crime within schools spiked, leading principals like Peter Balas to beg the city council for their back.

Chaos In Schools

Alexandria's city council voted to take all of the SROs out of the middle and high schools just five months ago. As a result, fights and gun violence have broken out, with videos of the fights posted on social media.

One of the videos shows a brutal attack in a parking lot with a group of students kicking another on the pavement. In contrast, another shows an assault taking place in the school cafeteria.

Another video shows high school students attacking a man in a McDonald's near the Alexandria City High School. According to WJLA, the school used to be T.C. Williams, which was the school that inspired "Remember the Titans."

In the video, you see students and an adult in a confrontation that morphed into the students punching and kicking the man in the face.

Parental Response

When parents saw the video, they were horrified and wanted the SRO's put back into the schools. One parent, Jennifer Rohrbach, said, "When I watch these videos, I would say my reaction is shock, complete shock."

However, Rohrbach firmly believes that the violence will end when SRO's return to the campuses. The school leaders agree with the parents. Alexandria City High School Principal Peter Balas went before the city council to plead with them to bring the SROs back.

In a zoom meeting, he told them, "The safety of our schools, students, and staff make SROs an essential tool in our toolbox." He also said, "Our students are sending us warning shots-literal warning shots." The principal was incredibly emotional in his pleas before the council.

Final Decision

After a lengthy debate between the city council members, which went until 1 a.m., they voted to bring back SROs 4-to-3.

The decision will go into effect as soon as possible, and SROs will remain in place for the rest of the school year. After that, however, the city manager will need to figure out what to do for the 2022-2023 school year.

But for now, teachers and parents can be assured that the SROs will be returning to campuses to help bring order back into the incredibly chaotic Alexandria City Schools.

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19 comments on “Skyrocketing Violence Forces City Council To Reinstate School Resource Officers”

  1. The parents were shocked? Get out, try church, try prayer and anything that brings a family and friends together. So tired of “parents” not knowing and not caring.

    1. What did parents think would happen? Are they really that stupid?? I, too, am weary of parents who don’t seem to have a clue!

        1. Without cops, the whole world would be one big happy place, full of Unicorns, rainbows, and love for each other...
          The left either lives in fairytale land, or they are just evil.

  2. Our nation wherever Democrats are in control is lawless and violent. The streets are filthy cesspools of drug and alcohol addiction and the mentally ill roam around a threat to themselves and others. Great going to those who still vote for Democrats.

    1. Maybe the democrat's who support lawless and violent, has not experience the loss of their dear ones gone through. All we need to pray for our country, was ones the Greatest Country on Earth, not sure now if it is the same. it is sad to even think what is happening here. Very Very sad.

  3. Parents need to take control again. It's obvious, the government & its Infinite Wisdom ,can't raise children worth a damn. You parents who are not working ,why aren't you in the school as hall monitors. Slap the doghair off a few of those unruly mouthy heathens & you might have better schools. As I remember my father telling my teacher. If you can't pound it in their heads then let me know and I will pound it in their backside. But one way or the other if they will get the lesson. This is when talking doesn't work. I will add this. I am 73 years old. No man has ever stood taller in my eyes and my father.

  4. The hand writing was already on the walls. If things were bad enough to need an SRO in the first place, that was a clue that something was wrong but they voted to expel the SRO's and now want them back. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. DUH!!!

  5. Wow, parents shocked that their little brats could behave so badly. Well, what did they think was going to happen. It's apparent that there is a lack of discipline at home, no moral compass for sure. And just whose fault is it? Shock of all shocks, that's the parent's job - and they aren't doing it at all, or poorly at best. I'm another one who is in her 70s and our parents didn't pander to their kids. If we were in trouble at school, we were in worse trouble when we got home and faced our parents. They didn't try to be our best friends, they were there to shape us into upstanding citizens. Sure we had our thugs, but not like those of today. Since there are videos, and the kids go to that school, maybe they should be identified and arrested and sent to juvey hall. Try putting teeth into the punishment to discourage them to do better.

  6. Ignorance is suppose to be bliss. This is an example of when your mouth overloads your backside. lmao. Next time call a Antifa member for help.

  7. How naive today's parents are...this isn't the America we grew up in, when will they wake up?? Power money and control is what politics has become and its time the american voter wakes up soon or they can say goodbye to their Cuba...they thought they were getting rid of a dictator only to be controlled by Fidel and then the doesn't take long when people get conned by politicians... Education in the US is now 27th in the world despite paying over $60 billion for the Dept of Education... stop listening to commentators who get paid millions to tow party lines...


  9. Councilman Aguirre needs to take opinions and stick them where the sun don’t shine. Show me a 15 year old kid who’s bringing a gun to school that’s gong to listen to some psychologist tell him the wrongs of his ways. They aren’t bringing it in for “show and tell”, councilman, they are there to hurt somebody.

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