Coast Guardsmen Make Heroic Effort to Save a Baby From Being Swept Away by the Rio Grande

 August 17, 2022

It was just before dawn on June 2 when U.S. Coast Guard Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Jarrett Guerra alerted his small boat crew to a baby that had been swept away by the Rio Grande.

"The Coasties made the trip south to the Rio Grande to beef up patrols usually conducted by federal agents and officers assigned to US Customs and Border Protection. When the number of Central American migrants journeying up the spine of Mexico to the international boundary rises, the Coast Guard crews can mean the difference between life and death for drowning families."

The current was running strong and the child was facedown in the water. Without hesitation, Guerra and his team sprang into action, risking their own lives to save the child.

"I'm going in!" Maritime Enforcement Specialist 2nd Class Jake Flores yelled before quickly stripping off his 50-pounds of gear and leaping into the water.

Flores managed to reach the baby but struggled to keep above the deep, rapid water. He recalls how deadly the water was, but refused to let the baby die.

Meanwhile, Guerra helped a few other people clinging to the side of the boat to safety. By the time Flores got the baby back to the crew, he appeared lifeless. But of course, the crew didn't give up.

 Boatswain's Mate 3rd Class Corey Connolly rendered aid to the baby, using two fingers to give lifesaving compressions. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the baby took a breath and the crew knew they had won.

Now that the baby was conscious, the men quickly worked to get him warm and stable. The baby and the two other women rescued were transferred to a nearby hospital under the supervision of Border Patrol.

Sadly, this kind of incident is all too common with illegal immigrants making desperate attempts to cross the dangerous river. Fortunately for this baby and the women traveling with him, there were heroes there to rescue them.

Let us know what you think of this heroic rescue in the comments below!

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27 comments on “Coast Guardsmen Make Heroic Effort to Save a Baby From Being Swept Away by the Rio Grande”

  1. Such bravery seen I’m sure frequently by the men and woman who risk their lives daily, but so unnecessary. Close the border so people are not lured to try this dangerous journey. The Biden administration is to blame for each rapist, criminal, drug dealer or terrorist who are entering our country illegally. Any deaths are on this president and his administration.

    1. Biden is taking his orders from Obama. And they want all of the illegal people here so they can get a Democrat vote. This country is in a horrible shape

        BOBBY ~!~

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  2. Save the people and send them back to Mexico. People should not be encouraged to try this to get into the states. Send them home.

    1. DO NOT SAVE THEM!! If you do and then and you send them back, they will try a different location to come into the US ILLEGALLY.

  3. Granted real heros risking their lives but for what? Illigals? Biden is the worst president America has ever had. Mental evaluation and empeachment long overdue.

  4. God Bless Guerra and his team’s courage in turning around what could’ve been a nightmare into a happy ending by saving the drowning baby. Love happy endings ❤️

  5. God Bless these men!! Definitely agree that Biden is not running our country. All that is going on in our country right now, they are better off staying in their own country. These people seek a better life in the US (and I understand), but we have poverty here in the states and it will now only become worse. The Dems do not care about them, look at the New York mayor, he's very upset about the bus loads received from Texas. Unfortunately, things are only going to get worse, especially if the Dems still have control after the November elections.

  6. As a former coastie myself I know firsthand the commitment to duty and the preservation of life. These guys should all get commendations for their adherence to the “Duty, Honor, Country” code. Well done.

  7. And to think, had Trump been supported to build the wall, none of this carnage would be happening. All of this is on Biden & his dumbocrats. He needs to be held accountable for, at least, stupidity. Wonder how many have died due to his incompetence. JUST A HORRIBLE BUMBLING PRESIDENT, who isn't capable of managing ANYTHING or ANYONE.

  8. send them all back and seal the border. we, as americans are suffering. quit giving moey away. save us first

  9. The average citizen has no idea what the police in this country and the Border Patrol are exposed to and experience on a daily basis in their careers. It is not all riding around and waving to the public.
    I speak from over 35 years experience in law enforcement, mostly working major crimes.

  10. Joe Biden and his minions are responsible for the flood of immigrants being pushed into our country. He is also for the deaths responsible for those dying enroute to the Mexican border; ,those abandoned or lost in our Southwest desert to die; and the deaths caused by these immigrants once they are in our country.

  11. Unfortunately incidents like this one are avoidable only if the lawless Democratic Party would follow immigration law, and close the border. They are counting on all these illegal souls will vote for them once they get a social security card or other documents to make them able to vote even though they are in the U S illegally. Losing some to hazards they encounter on either sides of the border is only collateral damage to a Democrat.

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  13. As a former NICU air flight nurse, I am happy that the baby was saved, and that the corpsman knew what to do. I believe that they should be returned to their country of origin. We have entirely too many illegal immigrants already. That is the Democratic agenda, to take down America, and all she stands for.

  14. wonderful brave heros! its a shame they have to risk their lives this way. I didnt notsee were one of the illegals helped them. send them back. let their own country help the. we have problems that are more important than illegals coming to this country for us to feed. I am all for prison for each and everyone illegal. why are we resonible for them? they take from our country what should be given to americans. I am sick and tired of seeing loads of illegals driving new cars and getting jobs we need. I say electric equip that wall and watch them stay in mexico were they belong. go to mexico illegally and find out what happen,

  15. by the way, why am suppose to donate to stop them? They all ready take money from me when every illegal and their 19 kids cross our bourders illgeally. make them pay. charge the mexican government for everyone of them. pull every american company out of there, send them a bill for everyone one of the illegals, ban any type of business or aid to mexico, mark every illlegal as a crimial in this country, and charge them for being here. cut off all aid or any thing to them. they only come here to get what they can and send it back to their relatives in mexico

  16. As a former draftee/conscript for the Vietnam War, Army Military Police, and currently serving my country with the the Coast Guard Auxiliary, I am so proud to serve now with the men and women of the USCG. For these heroic activities, the Coast Guard High Command should consider the highest honors of recognition and decorations for going above and beyond the call of duty.

  17. Hooray heroes!! They need to be given an award from the Coast Guard/DoD for saving the baby. You guys are the best!! As a retired veteran I am profoundly proud of you and your service to the good ol' US of A. Your actions define Service and Sacrifice and serve to set the bar even higher! My personal thanks to you for your Service to our country..

  18. […] Coast Guardsmen Make Heroic Effort to Save a Baby From Being Swept Away by the Rio Grande […]

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