The Origin Story Of The Border Patrol Is Not What You Think

Last updated: September 3, 2022

The U.S. border has been a topic of conversation for many years. Some states have taken it upon themselves to put further border measures in place, and former President Trump even began building a wall.

But the border is primarily secured by the U.S. Border Patrol. However, their agency was not initially created to protect the border from illegal immigrants from Mexico, drugs, and guns. Instead, the Border Patrol was created to stop Chinese immigration through the U.S. -Mexico border.

Patrol Creation

The guard was first created in 1904 in El Paso, Texas, though it was not called the Border Patrol. Instead, it was called the Mounted Guards and consisted of 75 horsemen who rode the border between El Paso and California to stop the waves of Chinese immigrants coming into the U.S.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed by Congress. While Chinese immigrants were welcomed with open arms during the Gold Rush, after it was over, they lost public favor.

Mounted Guards, U.S. troops, and Texas Rangers watched the border, keeping watch for Chinese immigrants trying to get into the U.S. The Mounted Guards were renamed the Mounted Inspectors in 1915.

Though they now had Congressional authority, they had to supply their horses. They worked to capture those committing customs violations and stopped illegal immigration. Though stopping custom violators was the priority.

Modern Day Patrol

In 1924, the Border Patrol was created. They were created to help with Prohibition objectives and monitoring those coming into the United States legally.

When it came to Prohibition, they protected both the northern and southern borders. They operated out of Detroit to keep illegal immigration under control and stop illegal Canadian Whiskey from coming over the border.

The border was protected by 450 agents. Pancho Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico, and killed the people living there in 1925, but the city did not get any Border Patrol agents until 1927. The men guarded 135 miles of the border on their own.

Today, the Border Patrol has 21,370 agents. They work to protect the 19,000 miles of northern and southern borders in the U.S. They also patrol the Caribbean.

Border Patrol has its own SWAT team and search and rescue teams. There is a 13-21 week course and 12-16 weeks of training to become a Border Patrol agent. Then, they can be called agents.

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17 comments on “The Origin Story Of The Border Patrol Is Not What You Think”

  1. Thanks for the history of the Border Patrol! In today's world, the current Biden Administration has tied the hands of this important agency! Every country needs secure borders! It's sad that we don't have that here in the USA! Borders are porous, and the agency has been reduced to being baby sitters for those coming here illegally. I worked along the Mexican-USA Border back in the late 90's, seen first hand all the damage and carnage being done back then. There was, and still is, a lot of drug smuggling, people from all over the world coming in illegally and being taken care of on the taxpayer dime. It's astronomical the money being spent! Many people coming in are hostile towards the United States, some are terrorists, some are gang bangers, and yes, some are just people looking for a better life. The bottom line is that "The Rule of Law" needs to be enforced. People can come here, but they need to be made to come here legally! It's hard to believe that as Great as is America is, and has been, it's leadership won't provide secure borders for political reasons. No wonder our country is on a rapid decline in today's world!

  2. I am tired of seeing this person’s interest regarding their income! Get off this page! The Border Patrol is a very important agency protecting our borders when we have the right President, the right cabinet, congress and senate allowing them to do their job!

  3. Disgusting! ALL of this equipment needs to be returned to the US Military or we must destroy it whenever we see it. If there are Taliban or any other Terrorists in or around these items when we destroy them, well though cookies!

      1. Then why do you see photos of them using it? Billions of dollars worth of our Military Equipment and resources just given to our ENEMIES! YOU NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP!

  4. The Border Control Agents are the backbone of our border security!! All countries need borders to keep criminals out!! This is so simplistic, even Joe and Kamel should understand, but the sinister plan, of the Democratic party, to change the demographic patterns within the United States by importing people, whom they believe will vote in their favor, MUST BE CURTAILED!! The border must once again be secured, so that our LEGAL CITIZENS REGAIN their guaranteed rights!!

  5. I’ll take my hat of to all those who guard the border as the Border Patrol have one hell of a tough job first with illegals, then the Cartel but I’m sure this socialist bunch call our Devilrat Government are one of their worst enemies. Bmene

  6. Is the “Chinese Exclusion Act” still in effect? If so how can they buy up massive amounts of our farm land? This is dangerous for our country. They are not our friends!

  7. Thanks for the Border Patrol. Now, let them do the work they're trained to do. Not babysit damned ILLEGAL ALIENS! Deport them back where they crossed! After photos and fingerprints, any more attempts they go oneway to GITMO. I, keep asking the Question. Ya'll seen enough yet?

  8. God Bless each and every one of those brave people for stand on that "wall" to protect us to the best of their ability. Thank you one and all!

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