Combat Vet Takes Down Thief Just Days After Saving A Life

 February 6, 2024

It was a moment that turned the tide in an unexpected encounter.

A California Walmart parking lot became the backdrop for a dramatic scuffle between a would-be thief and HED P.E.'s tour manager, Josh "Crazy Ed" Edwards, showcasing a blend of bravery and compassion.

Having served in the military for over a decade, Edwards was no stranger to high-pressure situations. His instincts kicked in when a suspicious character targeted the vicinity of the band's bus. The individual's attempt to swing at Edwards led to an unsuccessful bid for escape, ending with him pinned to the ground.

Amidst this tense scenario, Edwards discovered a knife in the man's pocket, which he swiftly disposed of. It was a moment of vigilance that potentially averted danger.

From the Battlefield to Life Saver

The subsequent interaction between Edwards and the perpetrator was unexpected. As they awaited law enforcement's arrival, a dialogue unfolded. The suspect, mistaken in believing Edwards was part of a sting operation, was met with a hard truth. Edwards outlined his military background, emphasizing that the suspect's judgment had led him astray. It was a dialogue born from a high-adrenaline encounter, yet it underscored a profound understanding of human error and the possibility of redemption.

Josh "Crazy Ed" Edwards reflected on the interaction, saying:

I was like, why are you doing this, blah, blah, blah. And he's talking about going through a divorce and having issues with his kids. And I was like this, 'This ain't the way. This ain't gonna help you. And we both thanked each other because I needed the adrenaline rush, and you know, I might have helped him get his life back.

Merely days before this incident, Edwards had already proven his mettle in a life-threatening situation. In the icy early hours in Butte, Montana, he and fellow band members stumbled upon a dire scene — a truck overturned in the snow. Acting swiftly, they rescued the unconscious driver, sparing him from the fatal cold. This act of courage was a testament to Edwards' readiness to help others in peril, irrespective of the circumstances.

A Journey of Resilience and Purpose

Edwards' path to becoming a hero in these scenarios is interwoven with personal strife and resurgence. The combat veteran, awarded for his bravery, has faced the unimaginable toll of war, including the loss of close friends. His transition back to civilian life was marred by hardship, including a failed suicide attempt. It was a period of profound despair and isolation.

Yet, through engagement with veteran support organizations and a chance encounter with HED P.E., Edwards found a renewed sense of purpose. His multifaceted role with the band encompasses managerial duties and has also seen him act as a mechanic, security, and, now, a lifesaver. He fills a role with a newfound zest for life, crediting the band and its members for a path to recovery.

The person behind the action, Edwards, encapsulates a journey of overcoming adversity and serving others. His story is a stark reminder of human resilience and that second chances can manifest in the most unexpected moments.


Josh "Crazy Ed" Edwards' actions depict a profound journey from a combat veteran to a civilian hero. From foiling a theft attempt outside a California Walmart to saving a man's life in the snow-bound roads of Montana, Edwards' week of unexpected heroism underscores his courage and compassion.

These incidents highlight his quick thinking and martial prowess and his willingness to engage and perhaps alter the course of a would-be thief's life. Through each encounter, Edwards demonstrates the transformative power of empathy and action, inspiring a narrative of hope and resilience.

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