Rookie Cop Reunites With Detectives Who Saved Her Life

 January 19, 2024

In an emotionally charged reunion spanning decades, Denise Gomez, once a toddler in a perilous situation, recently reconnected with the NYPD detectives who saved her life nearly 30 years ago.

Back in 1996, two NYPD officers courageously saved a mother and her two children from a blazing car; Denise Gomez, one of those children, was inspired to become an NYPD officer herself and has now had a poignant reunion with the officers who rescued her.

The traumatic event that nearly took Gomez's life when she was a toddler ignited a strong desire in her to wear the New York Police Department's uniform and badge. Her dream turned into reality in 2022 when she became a member of the NYPD, emulating the path of the officers who once saved her life.

Rescue on a Hot Summer Day in Harlem

It was a typical hot summer day in Harlem in 1996 when tragedy nearly struck the Gomez family. Denise, then only 2 years old, her 1-year-old brother, and their mother found themselves trapped in a car that was rapidly being consumed by flames. The situation was dire, and every second counted.

Former NYPD detectives Eric Ocasio and Charles Claudio, on duty then, noticed the perilous situation. Ocasio vividly recalled the scene: "We observed the vehicle, some fluid leaking from underneath, directly underneath the vehicle." Their quick thinking and bravery were about to change the lives of the Gomez family forever.

In a desperate attempt to save the family, Eric Ocasio broke the car window to reach them. "I ran towards her. I couldn't get the door open. She was hysterical. Broke the car window with a radio, and Charlie was able to save the two children," he recounted. This act of heroism not only saved lives but also ignited lifelong admiration in young Denise Gomez.

A Lifelong Impact: From Rescue to Career Inspiration

For Denise, the memories of the incident were preserved in a newspaper clip featuring the officers who saved her. This article became a symbol of courage and motivation, shaping her life's path. "The article was very emotional. It was motivational," she reflected. It was this inspiration that guided her to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Joining the NYPD in 2022, Gomez shared her motivation during her time at the Academy. "It's one of the assignments we have at the Academy, why you want to become a cop, and I wrote it down," she said. Her story is a testament to the profound impact that acts of bravery can have on individuals.

Her connection to the NYPD was further solidified when she was assigned shield number 15417, the same number worn by Detective Ocasio during his service. This symbolic gesture represented a passing of the torch, a continuation of a legacy of service and protection. "It means a lot. It means it's my time to take over," Gomez stated, acknowledging the significance of this moment.

The Legacy of Bravery Continues

New York City Police Commissioner Edward Caban summed up the essence of this remarkable story: "On the surface, this is a story about great police work, but more than that, it's about the split second it takes to change a person's life forever." It's a narrative that highlights the far-reaching impact of a single act of heroism.

Gomez's journey from being a rescued toddler to a proud NYPD officer vividly illustrates how the actions of first responders can shape the lives of those they save. She refers to the detectives as her guardian angels, a fitting title for those who played such a pivotal role in her life's trajectory. "All heroes don't have capes, so I got the shield now," she said, symbolizing her readiness to carry on the legacy of bravery and service.

This story of heroism and inspiration doesn't end with Officer Gomez. Her brother, also rescued from the burning car, is now serving in the military, and their mother joined the NYPD as an auxiliary officer after the incident. The Gomez family's story is a remarkable tribute to the enduring influence of those who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting others.

Passing the Torch: A Shared Legacy of Service

The emotional bond between Gomez and her rescuers was palpable during the reunion. Reflecting on his impact, Ocasio said, "To find out 10 years after I retired that this young lady wanted to carry on because of what my partner and I did that day... It's very fulfilling." These words underscore the lasting connection between the officers and the lives they touched.

Equally moved by the reunion, Charles Claudio expressed his joy at Gomez's decision to join the NYPD. "I never thought this would ever come true, and I'm just glad that she joined our family," he said. This sentiment highlights the familial bond that often forms within the law enforcement community, particularly in the wake of such life-altering events.

A Symbol of Hope and Dedication

As Gomez and her family serve their community, they continue the legacy of the detectives who altered the course of their lives.

Claudio's parting words to Gomez during their reunion were a reminder of the support and camaraderie that exists within the police force. "You always got someone to talk to," he told her, reinforcing the sense of community and support that the NYPD fosters.

Officer Gomez's journey from a rescued child to a dedicated NYPD officer is a poignant reminder of the profound impact that first responders can have. Her story, interwoven with bravery, destiny, and service, is a powerful testament to the heroism and dedication of those who wear the badge.

  • In 1996, Denise Gomez, her brother, and her mother were rescued from a burning car by NYPD detectives Eric Ocasio and Charles Claudio.
  • Gomez joined the NYPD in 2022, inspired by the detectives who saved her life, and was assigned the same shield number as Detective Ocasio.
  • The legacy of service continues with Gomez's brother in the military and their mother joining the NYPD as an auxiliary officer.


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