Capitol Police Officer Attacked, Killed By Knife-Wielding Driver

 April 4, 2021

The Capitol police have been at the center of the national conversation since the Jan. 6th incident. Since there has been very little activity lately, the President ordered the razor-wire fences erected to be taken down.

The fences had enclosed the entire Capitol complex and prevented traffic on the nearby streets. However, taking everything down may have been premature.

Vehicle Attack

Around 1:00 p.m. on April 2nd, a man attempted to gain access to the Capitol's northern entrance with his vehicle. The man drove his blue Nissan Altima into the entrance ramming the car into Capitol police officers.

The suspect struck Officer Billy Evans with his vehicle, then proceeded to exit the car with a knife in his hands, attacking a second officer. According to Chief Yogananda D. Pittman, Evans, who had 18-years with the department, was heavily injured in the incident and died of his injuries.

The second officer is currently in the hospital, recovering from his injuries. The suspect has since been identified as 25-year-old Noah Green.

Capitol Suspect

Green was a self-described "Follower of Farrakhan" and a member of the Nation of Islam. Green was not on the radar of any federal agencies, though he was known to local agencies in Indiana.

On his now-removed Facebook page, he stated that the government is the "#1 enemy of Black people." The post was made only two hours before he rammed his vehicle into officers.

Authorities are not entirely sure what his motive was for the attack and actively look into the incident, though they said they do not think it is "terrorism-related." The Capitol was placed on lockdown from 1:00p.m. until around 2:30p.m. when the incident was resolved.

Green was shot and killed by Capitol police officers.

Flags At Half-Mast

President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the flags and the White House and the Capitol complex to be flown at half-mast. Pelosi described Evans as "a martyr for our democracy."

From Camp David, Biden said, " We send our heartfelt condolences to Officer Evans’s family and everyone grieving his loss. We know what a difficult time this has been for the Capitol, everyone who works there, and those who protect it.”

The Capitol officers have endured a lot of stress and criticism over the last couple months. Now they are suffering a loss of one of their own.

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13 comments on “Capitol Police Officer Attacked, Killed By Knife-Wielding Driver”

  1. FBI Stats Show Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In America – It’s Not Even Close
    Shall we band knives and lets talk about cars…. Death toll over the top.
    Biden is a old fool and how he gets these people to drink the cool aid is beyond me.

  2. Biden support's terrorism,he gives our tax dollar's to them. He was probably watching and crying when they killed the Islamic terrorist, he could care less about officer's killed and injured.

  3. well democrats your the one's behind all this stuff going on using it to try to disarm the public so you can have full control of the people

  4. ISIS came to us with Biden and Harris. Who else will the devil bring to us with the arrival of Biden and Harris?

    1. Ask Barry.....the ex-dictator, illegal, muslim.......When he was in office he used to send ISIS gifts of $$$ and guns/rifles/ammo, as did HC, & JB.........He also supplied arms & $$$ to IRAN for the military that were killing our military...........

  5. As long as these "deep state" communist bought and owned, fraudulently "elected" individuals remain in OUR White house, Oval office, and congress expect more of these "events" to continue. The law-abiding GOD-fearing people in this country have come to the end of their patience with the "antics" of the corrupt CABAL running this country into the dirt, and intend to take our Country back from the communists that are attempting a full takeover.
    For a in depth article on the CABAL , Type in The end of the World as we know it.. the rise and fall of the cabal by Jane OsseBaard. It contains several parts and is long, but well worth your time it WILL open your eyes to what is going on in this country. However, DO NOT watch with children present!

    1. With you Cliff on this crap! I know whats going on and i will never abide by any laws, restrictions or executive orders this illegitimate presaident&Admin try to impose on WE THE "FREE" PEOPLE! I will never turn over any of my property and i will never pay any tax on said property that i own free and clear! This over flowing pond of Scum can kiss my Arse!!!% AMEN BROTHER!!!%

  6. For me my thought is they put Low IQ Joey Biden in for a reason so someone else could run n ruin this country and it seems to be hitting a wall...let's hope they impeach Biden, Kamala, n Pelosi with their dirty illegal un-American stealing deeds...they are none of them hungry low IQ thieves, and liars...where are our Gop. group and impeach this dishonest group of dishonest Americans...

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