Crazy Road Rage Driver Kills 3 In Violent Pileup, Unlikely Survivor Inspires First Responders

Road rage incidents have a wide variety have outcomes. Unfortunately, for one family, the outcome could not have been worse.

Avondale Car Wreck

On April 17th, a hair appointment turned into a horrific road rage incident. Demya, 11, and her best friend DeZerra were heading to a hair appointment with her mother, Raish-Nia Wright. DeZerra was getting braids and Demya was going to watch.

As they were driving on Louisiana 18, Paul Ferrara went speeding around another vehicle and slammed into the truck he was trying to pass. The sheer force of the impact sent Ferrara head-on into Wright's car.

The violent impact killed Ferrara, Wright, and DeZerra. First responders did not think that anyone else could have lived.

"It was smashed up pretty good," Bridge City Fire Chief Gary Girard said. "I really thought we were going to be in recovery mode. I didn't expect anyone to survive this."

However, firefighters saw an arm move, and they could hear Demya moaning. As the firefighters cut her out of the car, she began to scream.

Long Recovery

Demya broke her arm, pelvis, leg, and had a skull fracture, according to her mom, Britney Torres, 34. Paramedic Gilbert Andry said she was a fighter.

"She was fighting me all the whole way to the hospital," Andry said.

She had surgery and was released from the hospital after a little over two weeks. Her mom says she has physical therapy in her future and can't wait to run again.


The crash was a rough one for the first responders to process. Girard said he saw that his crew needed a way to deal with what they had seen.

"I've been in the fire service for 44 years. Before, you just had to suck it up. It opened my eyes that we need to have some type of debriefing."

Fire Chief Gary Girard

Chris Landry, the acting captain of the Bridge City Volunteer Fire Department, said that this was the worst scene he has ever worked. However, seeing Demya fight to recover has done a lot of good for the firefighters.

It has given them hope. Michael Richoux says, "It helps so much to see her progress." Demya and her family visited the Bridge City Firehouse to meet some of the crew that saved her. "I want to say thank you for caring and helping me... well, helping us," Demya said.

The first step in healing for all involved.

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