Lawmakers Push Extreme Anti-Police Agenda

 April 15, 2021

Recent events have reignited the push for the dissolution of law enforcement in the United States. The recent death of Daunte Wright has added more fuel to the fire for activists and lawmakers.

Traffic Stop

Minneapolis police stopped 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop. When they realized he had an open warrant, they tried to arrest him.

The warrant was for an aggravated robbery charge, where, allegedly, Wright choked a woman he was attempting to rob while pointing a gun at her. He also attempted to reach into her bra where the money was stashed and pull it out. The warrant also states that he told the woman he would shoot her if she did not hand over the $820.

Wright resisted the arrest and attempted to get back into his vehicle. During the traffic stop, the officer who shot Wright states she thought she grabbed her taser, not her gun. The officer, who later resigned, maintains that the shooting was accidental.

Lawmaker Critique

In response, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat from Michigan, took to Twitter with baseless claims that this "wasn't an accident."

“Daunte Wright was met with aggression & violence. I am done with those who condone government-funded murder. No more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can’t be reformed.”

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MN)

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has been very vocal in the past year about defunding police departments, threw in her two cents. She backed Tlaib's statements that the shooting was not an accident and agreed with her proposal.

“Daunte Wright’s killing was not a random, disconnected ‘accident’ – it was the repeated outcome of an indefensible system that grants impunity for state violence, rewards it w/ endlessly growing budgets at the cost of community investment, & targets those who question that order.” 

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

Former President Barack Obama, who initially did not support the movement to defund police officers, came out and said that we need to "reimagine policing and public safety." Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott said, "I don't believe that officers need to necessarily have weapons every time they're making a traffic stop."

Dangerous Assertions

Democratic lawmakers insist on making dangerous claims with absolutely no proof and presenting it as fact. Dismantling police departments, the military, and the prison systems will not solve any problems. It creates far more, as does stripping officers of their weapons while they do traffic stops.

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59 comments on “Lawmakers Push Extreme Anti-Police Agenda”

  1. so the criminals have all ready won, the police have the worst job , at all times they can be killed , but if for any reason they stop the bad guy , they have to say please. America has now become a 3rd world

  2. Why not do a trial run ,,,,, take ALL the police out of the state of Michigan for 6 months, after 6 months lets see how the state of Michigan and its residents are doing !!!!

    1. That would not work because the people in charge would lose their punching bag. It would show the fallacy of their defund the police silliness and would make them look as bad as they are.

    2. Sounds like a great idea to me, remove all of the police in all of the red states. No doubt in my mind all of the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks will be dead within 6 months.
      Doesn;t get any better than that.

    3. By the time the six month trial period is over there will be nothing to protect that has not already been burnt. Conclusion: This is an absolutely stupid idea and should be ignored.

      1. Well then we won't have to worry about the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks will we?

    4. Heavens NO........GOD BLESS our Police and keep them safe........Let those terrorists all get what they deserve, whether its prison or lead poisoning.

    5. While they are at it de- cop Chicago and DC and see what the odumbo says when they loot his mansions and hump his women.

    6. We know already! Look at major cities across the country. Since last March there has been complete destruction! They are vigilanties!!

  3. In most of the tragic Police shootings I have read about or witnessed on TV, the person pulled over by the police, or was attempted to be arrested for legitimate reasons, the person fought the police !!
    I question if they cooperated at all with the police , or had any respect for the police. I grew up in a household where I was taught to respect a police man; Yes sir or Yes officer. Not to be a wise guy.
    I never had a problem with the police. It was what I was taught at home, not in the streets !

  4. We can't just close down all police departments and lay off or fire all the officers.we need to come up with a new policy for becoming a police officer with a stern violation policy.Weed out all the unfit people that try to become police officers.

  5. I would like to see that mayor or anyone else stupid enough to try to arrest some one with out a weapon. The guy she killed was a Criminal. They should give her a medal even if it was an accident.

  6. Will those stupid legislators and Executive types in Minnesota ever wake ap and realize if Antifa, BLM and the Squad has their way, there will be no state left to "manage"? No more easy money for the leaders (?) to squirrel away.

    Hopefully, the good citizens of the state will do their job and fire the leaders(?) as being the incompetents they are.

  7. If this person did not have an arrest warrant and was not resisting arrest things would have been much different. They were putting hand cuffs on and he broke away and entered his car in an attempt to get away.
    That being said, if a veteran of 24 years can't tell the difference between her gun and a taser, what was she doing for the the 24 years?

    Both were at fault but the victim got the short end of the stick. A better option would have been to shoot his tires and go from there.

  8. Her real agenda is destroying the states replacing with foreign Islamic Sharia Jihad by Talib a violent Palestinian Arab Muslim using Critical Race Theory by both Talib and AOC!

  9. hey the first thing that needs to be done is to have all security people that follow politicians around remove and have these politicians facing the same crime as the average American citizen. The wright case is a horrible example how far the usa has sunk. He had a warrant, he refused to do what the officer told him to do and than try to get away. I have no sympathy for what happen to him because he caused it to happen. I agree with the message above, do away with all police officers in Chicago, los angles, new your city for 6 months and there will unbelievable chaos. So go ahead democrats do it after you give up your security detail

  10. Rashida you have some set of balls saying government sponsored homocide !!!! Who’s funded , encouraged, refused to prosecute or arrest for almost 2 years ! Caused Billions in damage homicide, arson ! You wanna preach government sponsored homocide! The problem with AMERICA ? Is people like you in government!!! Seems like every instance people are resisting arrest !!!!! Cops have a hard job !!!! You defund them your gonna have community policing? Nah BLM AND ANTIFA will be the Dems goon squad!!!! law enforcement deserves all the respect and support!!! We all need to stick together !

  11. There isn't any single Democrat Politician who would agree to give up their Security Detail, the reason is simple most of them know they would get their arse stomped into a bloody puddle. This include those in Congress, State Legislature, White House, Governor and Municipal Government, they are basically cowards.

    1. Probably those who are too vocal to defund or get rid of law enforcement should first surrender their bodyguards or details, then it will be a good start to get rid of Police, because those who are advocating made good example of themselves. BUT IF IT'S ONLY THEIR MOUTH, THEN THEY ARE BIG COWARDS!!

  12. Yes indeed I agree. Shut down the police for 2 weeks and let's see what happens. Those bastard communist democrats need to be right in the middle of this experiment.

  13. Unless we have the laws and orders enforced thigs like that will steal, murder, loot, cause public damages. Choices and consequences, all under the law enforcement surveillance, this what we, the Citizens require, pay taxes to provide Police Enforcement! Is that clear to all of you that try ruining this COUNTRY, our safety, security!? I think we have to verify officials that try demolish laws and orders, and encancerate them!

  14. YOU can thank Pelosi and Hillary Clinton for every horrid thing that is going on today... THEy WILL HAVE NO WHERE to hide when the war breaks out and it's coming like a freight train. They can TRY to run to other countries but that would mean instant death.

  15. All the above are right. The only one who wins if we defund the police are the crooks. The money it would take to get them back on the streets would be more than it is now. It wouldn't take a week for the criminals to do so much damage to the public buildings and the looting you couldn't make up for it in years. Yes, I agree that the politician who votes for defunding the police would now have to give up his personal protection too. See how many vote for it now. That means everyone not just the big guys but the local one too.

  16. If Rep. Tlaib is so done with "government-funded murder", why then is she not against abortion. As far as I can tell, that too is government-funded murder.

  17. I've been saying the officers should be staying in the donut shops in places like Michigan and the other childish states and let the politicians handle things until the voters grow up and rid themselves of the self absorbed idiots like Tlaib.

  18. I think all these big mouthed Democrats , athletes, actors and actresses should be made to be police officers for a month or even a week in their blue states and see how it feels! Not one of these big mouth arses would make it ! Let’s see how they like walking up to a car in the middle of the night and praying they don’t get ambushed or trying to arrest someone and they are aware the person has gun charges and tries to get back in car and he pulls a gun and they have no time to react so they are killed !
    I’m so sick of these big mouth people downing our Police Officers with out a clue what they deal with everyday, let alone the hatred and disrespect they face.

  19. The only winner in police departments being hogtied is the bad actors. Doing the wrong thing compromise the safety of Americans as a whole.
    I have seen when a person gets stopped many are afraid. I get this , I have seen police officers become afraid. I have seen actors jump out of vehicles and become truly aggressive trying to intimidate.
    What happened to the wave of a hand to the police. Whatever happened to the policeman saying good morning. Now days I see an aggressive fearful officer with hand upon weapon prior to even getting to stopped vehicle. Adrenaline junkies both in vehicle stopped and police officer.
    I personally was stopped because we ate at a bar (no alcohol was served just burgers and fries. ) The officer was hawking the bar and I saw him prior to the stop. But he told me I did an illegal act but if I don’t show up for court he would write me for failure to follow traffic signs. Both the hawking and the attempt to get a ticket without issue is both illegal. These germs should be removed from service but cities love the money from tickets. So they condone immoral acts and theft this is what needs to change to bring systems back to Civility

  20. Heavens NO........GOD BLESS our Police........Let those terrorists all get what they deserve, whether its prison or lead poisoning.

  21. People have gone nuts!!!!
    Police do a great job. Accidents do happen in any job. Which is sad, but in this case why don’t who is in question just follow rules. They had no idea if he was going for a gun or just trying to get away. I saw video of him with a gun he was showing off. I understand that there are bad police just like in any profession. We need to remember one bad apple must not make the rest bad. They give of themselves to
    Try to protect us. They have no idea who they are coming upon. Bless the police and I do appreciate all that you do.

  22. lets start with all of their security guards first next remove all NG from DC no more protection for them lets do thar for a year and see how it works then see if they don't think we need the police.
    the war will begin when they disband police count on it

  23. Got a better idea,why not replace all the Leo's in targeted cities that want to defend the police departments with the elected officials supposedly representing them. Just give them the same equipment AND support the REAL cops have gotten. I guarantee that,at most,within a week those enlightened and "woke" individuals will be begging for help!
    They won't be allowed any security for themselves or their families!

  24. Every time someone is shot the word racist comes up. A racist is someone that regularly practices against a certain color. Not a questionable one time event. Read the dictionary. A racist remark does not make you a racist. It’s bad, not right. But prejudice, not racism is in everyone. If I am talking to an Asian man, and a Mexican man walks by, he may see prejudice if I am not including him in the conversation. Whether true or not. Does this make me a racist? No. So, these Biden and Democrat or Republican people are just wrong. Its all about votes. They could careless about the person. It’s all about votes. It’s sad. They need to be sent to re-education camps.

  25. Citizen "vigilante groups" will result if the police are defunded for protection from the criminal element that will be running around free as a bird!!!!!!

  26. All police that are defunded should quit and move on , the USA is pretty big and most of it will respect you and your difficult jobs!!!

  27. if the blue states want to get rid of their police go ahead but the red states will not abolish our police

  28. I'm waiting for the announcement from a police chief that all politicians are now responsible for their own protection, and will not be allowed a carry permit.

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