Denver Police Officer Ends Teenage Shooting Threat

Denver Police Officer Tyler Carroll is being praised for his heroism after he helped talk a teenage shooting suspect into surrendering. The Denver Police Department released video of the tense and emotional interaction, which began after the suspect fled a traffic stop. “Officer Carroll, being the only one who could see and make eye contact with the suspect, began negotiating with him,” police said.

The suspect, who was threatening to shoot himself, was taken safely into custody after the emotional standoff.

Officers are often put in difficult situations that require them to use their negotiation skills. In this case, Denver Police Sergeant Aaron Lopez said, “This is an example of the Denver Police Department doing what we do best.”

Officer Carroll was a great example of this as he negotiated with the teenage shooting suspect in order to reach an end that was beneficial for everyone involved.

Many people think that Police should not be involved in these kind of "mental health" situations. Check out the video and let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

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