Denver Police Officer Ends Teenage Shooting Threat

 December 8, 2021

Denver Police Officer Tyler Carroll is being praised for his heroism after he helped talk a teenage shooting suspect into surrendering. The Denver Police Department released video of the tense and emotional interaction, which began after the suspect fled a traffic stop. “Officer Carroll, being the only one who could see and make eye contact with the suspect, began negotiating with him,” police said.

The suspect, who was threatening to shoot himself, was taken safely into custody after the emotional standoff.

Officers are often put in difficult situations that require them to use their negotiation skills. In this case, Denver Police Sergeant Aaron Lopez said, “This is an example of the Denver Police Department doing what we do best.”

Officer Carroll was a great example of this as he negotiated with the teenage shooting suspect in order to reach an end that was beneficial for everyone involved.

Many people think that Police should not be involved in these kind of "mental health" situations. Check out the video and let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

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21 comments on “Denver Police Officer Ends Teenage Shooting Threat”

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  2. That was one good Police Officer, We all need to respect the police officers all over our great country, and start checking on the people that are running this Country, making them more accountable for their decisions every day.

  3. They absolutely should be involved, and receive training for this situation. Ask the mental health workers if they would be in this situation without the police there, I don’t think so.

  4. The cops can't win!! If they step up & calm the situation....they get damned for 'interrferring'. If they don't step in and the guy shoots himself......they get damned for not stepping up!! Bless all those wonderful heroes that daily risk there lives & have to deal with this abuse!!

  5. I live in Denver and appreciate our POLICE FORCE. I pray that the police chief and mayor don't go full force commie and allow our city to get any worse. News says it is not safe in our 16th mall or Union Station anymore. SAD

  6. Thank you officer Carroll and all the other officers present. We need our police departments now more than ever. May our Lord always be at your back to keep police safe!

  7. The suicide rate with this age group is the highest in history? Why? Too many lies and no discipline.Being exposed to nothing but lies and hate on "social media" Being led to believe by their parents that "the world revolves around them". And that the "truth" is whatever their feelings "tell them at the moment" False realities that all the sudden falls apart.

  8. Applause to Denver police, as well as ALL police departments for their positive actions to help our communities & their citizens while maintaining law & order for civilization!

  9. Didn't a lot of police departments have a 'negotiator' for life threatening situations? Oh, sorry, I must be thinking of different world where people had common sense, cared about life & before the 2nd round of (fake) racism, CRT, the 'woke' people & the rest of the modern world!

  10. OK libocrats, next time you have a life threatening situation call Al Sharpton or a social worker and let me know how that works out for you. I say defund the DNC...forever.

  11. The damn dems are turning CO into another libtard CA, NY s--t hole for criminals ! Thank GOD, CO POLICE are still funded ! That is probably the only good dems have done for CO !

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