Driver Barrels Through Accident Scene Striking Firefighter, Then Tries To Bite Arresting Officer

By Ethan Cole on
 November 21, 2021

A Quakertown man is facing charges of aggravated assault for running over a William Township Firefighter. The 50-year-old also is charged with biting a Pennsylvania State Trooper.

Avoiding Traffic

The whole thing began to unfold around 2:30 p.m. According to Trooper Nathan Branosky, Berger Road was closed. However, to get past traffic, Melvin Woodson Jr. decided to move over to the east side of the road.

He then hit a Williams Township firefighter, who went to the hospital for minor injuries. Woodson fled the scene, hitting an unoccupied state police car.

Woodson's flight came to a stop when his car broke down by Morvale. So he tried to walk to get away. But the state police troopers found and tried to arrest him.

According to Branosky, the man struggled with the officers, and court documents show that Woodson is accused of biting one of the officers on both hands. The arraigning Judge Douglas Schlefal said that Bucks County had put a detainer on him on the chance that he could make the $50,000 bail.

Currently, he sits in the Northhampton County Prison on charges of aggravated assault, aggravated assault on designated individuals, simple assault (two counts), resisting arrest, leaving the scene of a crash where there were injuries, and various lesser driving and drug offenses, according to Schlegel.

He still needs to be arraigned on the charges from Quakertown officers, which include: attempted aggravated assault on designated individuals (two counts), fleeing or eluding a police officer (two counts), three counts of recklessly endangering another person, and three summary driving offenses.

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12 comments on “Driver Barrels Through Accident Scene Striking Firefighter, Then Tries To Bite Arresting Officer”

  1. I hope that the State takes his driver's license for his careless driving. Our first line responders deserve a better from drivers, but they don't. As a former first responder, I have been lied to, hit, cursed, and had driver's even try to run me over, why did they do that? Mostly because I or someone told them they couldn't drive on a certain street, highway, etc. for a period of time, which caused by an accident, fire, for even snow.

    1. Thank you so much for your service, and for putting yourself out there to protect the rest of us. May God bless you and all our other First Responders. By the way, we called one of my favorite cousins, Monk! 🙂

  2. These Miscreant Fascist Students show us how extensive the Evil cancer of Hate has been spread by Professional Communist Indoctrinator's even in the heart land of this great country. The first best hope is JESUS The CHRIST no other can save anything without JESUS The CHRIST No Government will last they will all fall before the KING of KING'S!!!@

  3. A baton across the chops will do wonders for curing a biting habit. False teeth only have a fraction of the biting power of real teeth.

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