Anti-Cop District Attorney Tries To Make Example Of Officer, Withholds Evidence In Proceeding

 July 27, 2021

In Austin, an officer was being charged in an excessive force case that began in January 2021. It was recently announced that Travis County prosecutors were no longer proceeding with the case.

Campaign Promises

District Attorney Jose Garza charged Officer Gregory Gentry and officer Chance Bretches. Garza had run on a "police accountability" platform that likely got him elected.

According to Austin American Statesman, both officers were charged with "aggravated assault by a public servant." However, Garza dropped the charges against Gentry.

“Upon review, we have decided that a dismissal of the indictment is the appropriate action to take in this case and best serves the interest of justice. I offer my sincere apologies to Officer Gentry who undoubtedly suffered as a result of this process.”

Jose Garza

It was discovered that one of the assistant district attorneys had consulted with an expert on the use of force in the case. The expert had told the assistant D.A. that the level of force Gentry used was lawful.

The prosecutor did not disclose this expert's opinion to the defense nor his colleagues. This case was Garza's first go with holding officers accountable for their actions.

Incident In Question

The incident happened over two years ago. At the time, both of the officers were a part of a narcotics detail.

According to Austin Police Chief Brian Manley, the two officers had attempted to arrest a suspect, and that suspect resisted. A struggle broke out between the officers and the suspect.

Manley said, "A significant struggle ensued as the officers attempted to overcome the suspect's resistance, resulting in injuries to both the suspect and the officers."

Within Policy

When the Austin Police Department Executive Team did the incident review, the Special Investigations Unit, and the Force Review Board, the actions of the officers were "deemed compliant with policy and training."

The D.A. at the time looked over the results of the review, and Margaret Moore did not move the case forward. According to KXAN, when Garza became D.A., the opinion changed.

He decided that the case did need to be tried in front of a Grand Jury. Garza did say that the assistant D.A. is no longer with the office.

Garza unfairly went after two officers who were doing their jobs to fulfill a campaign promise. Something that turned out to be an embarrassing step in his term as D.A.

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22 comments on “Anti-Cop District Attorney Tries To Make Example Of Officer, Withholds Evidence In Proceeding”

    1. As the DA name implies he is Hispanic, could be his decision to proceed was colored against the cops as a result? Just asking....given the fact that our country descended into complete madness after the fraud election and Democratic socialist drunken power grab !

  1. Thank God! Finally, a true media outlet is giving out the truth about our law enforcement! Yes, their are those behind the badge that use the authority violating the law. However their are the righteous that abide by the law! Thank you and please continue providing only the truth!

    1. what is this truth you speak of? By far, most of the officers are good, yes even the ones that give you a ticket when you do something wrong. The verdict against Chauvin who was accused of killing george who was on the trip to death from using fentanyl, what enought to kill 10 horses, showed how bad this country has gotten in catering to the blu/antifa crowd. Now I was a cop and I would have done things different but I would have been charged too because of spineless or paid off politicians and lawyers. I have been in a similar, that is me and my partner. We had a suspect we were escorting to the city jail when he became violent in the back seat, The suspect was in cuffs already as per policy but we had to pull obver and shackle him and seatbelt him the back seat, I would have done the same to george and then gotten him out of there as soon as possible. Chauvin did not kill george. He didnot have constnt presure in hus neck, But hey just like many officers who are quiting because they can not do thier jobs, or if they do are prosecuted, I would not be apolice in todays world where bad is good and good is bad. This is happening because the super rich are buying countries, politicians, elections, school boards, media, sporting organizations (really who want to watch grown men, well supposedly grown men, play kids games, big tech (now some of them are the suoer rich), and th list goes on. I say get rid of cops and let seee these idiots that are proposing that cry when they findd out what will happen.Me geting a comfy chair, drink, and watch the show and laugh at thosee true idiots. The will be kicked to the curb just like happes in ever country that turn to dictators. Just like Venezuela.

  2. Joe and his administration like when people Lie because Joe does it all the time. We Americans must get out and Vote these Socialist people out of office.

    1. You are absolutely right! The whole country has been compromised and crime-ridden because of Joe and his whole lot of corrupt Democrats!

    2. WE VOTED in 2020!! As you noticed it isn't who and how people are voting- it is how far are you able to perpetuate the FRAUD when you are awash with money much of it foreign money , compromised voting machines accessible for manipulation by remote access and PROPAGANDA MEDIA disseminating lies and disinformation as well as BLOCKING ANY FACTS !

    3. How can we vote ANY Democrats out of office when Dominion is ruling our elections! Just look at the Arizona audits now! ALL of America should stand together and Run Dominion OUT of our Country!! If we don't there will never be a fair election Again, just look at Cuba and Venezuela!!! Biden's not going to help poor Cubans because the Whole Dem Regime is trying to make America Communist!!! Wake Up America

  3. Why is Garza still the DA? Isn’t hiding evidence a serious issue for someone whose primary job is to seek justice for all parties involved. If this evidence was not made public this officer would have been fired in disgrace and possibly faced criminal charges. DA Garza should be fired and if he broke any laws or infringed upon the civil rights of these officers he should be held accountable. Political opinions should not enter into whether or not to bring charges against anyone including police officers.


  5. The un-American politician's have been lying about everything there's no penalties for it . So it comes natural for democrates to lie , it's the only way to achieve there goals . And stupid people eat it all up . They don't want to believe that there chosen party is corrupt a Gestapo Mafia cartels radicals it's clear to me Republicans have a better goal for America .

    1. Most Republicans do…but with the Rhinos flipping the vote on a lot of issues in the favor of the crooked DEMs …. Then it’s a vicious cycle that won’t stop until this Democratic Party is brought to suffer for their crimes…as long as they are “allowed” to cheat and lie…they will continue to do so

  6. This DA as well as his ADA both need to lose their jobs and possibly face criminal charges. At the very least these Officers should be allowed to sue them for the problems they caused them. So tired of good Officers being charged just to make the DA or some Politician look like they are taking care of Police Corruption. Guess what, there IS NO Police Corruption, it is POLITICAL CORRUPTION that is running rampant and that need to be stopped.

  7. Recall Garza; revoke his law license; prosecution for withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense team....... a good START in the quest for ACCOUNTABILITY!!
    The entire ruse that LEO's use excessive force is a FARCE!!!!
    Whenever anyone decides to not comply with a command by an officer, THEY..... NOT the officer are guilty of resisting.... PERIOD, end of story!!
    My respect, admiration, and support goes out to all LE, 1st Responders, Firefighters, and Frontline medical workers that work long hours. They save lives everyday, yet receive little notice or praise!! They are currently under attack by LEFTIST ANARCHIST whose goal is to destroy AMERICA. The first step is to remove law enforcement...... that way, they can "save the masses from out of control crime" by locking EVERYTHING DOWN!!!
    The LEFTISTS created the problem with the intention to strip our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS from us 🇺🇸 (with the help of the USEFUL IDIOTS).
    READ HISTORY!!!! This script has been used sooooo many times that you'd think people would understand what the heck is going on!!!!!!
    Sorry for the long rant..... it just boils my $@#^%/*!! every time this happens!!
    To ALL Patriots, Stay Safe from the leftie hoards and watch your six!!
    Joe, Proud USAF vet.

  8. Garza needs to be removed and his ability to practice law, canceled. Dishonest POS like him should be charged and the ability to sue him personally allowed. He should be disbarred and fired immediately!

  9. Prosecutors and Judges HAVE TO BE held to the same standards. Remove their protections from lawsuits as they removed those protections of frivolous BS lawsuits from police. And when their found to be corrupt POS, or release murderous animals back onto the street to commit more heinous crimes, they should be able to be sued by their victims for a minimum of one million dollars and then loose their license to practice law in all 50 states.

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