Drug Gangs Arrested After Violent Machete Attack

 February 15, 2024

A seemingly innocuous tourism agency in Cancun has been revealed as a front for heinous crimes committed by a Mexican drug gang, marking a shocking twist in the city's criminal underworld.

Members of the gang have been apprehended for the brutal murders and dismemberment of eight individuals, casting a shadow over the popular tourist destination.

Six men affiliated with this nefarious group were arrested on Monday, thanks to diligent efforts by law enforcement. Their alleged crimes include the horrific killing of five individuals using a machete, the dismemberment of their bodies, and the burial of three others in a shallow grave. The discoveries and arrests have sent ripples through the community, highlighting the lengths criminal organizations will go to protect their interests and evade justice.

An elaborate network of crime and deceit

During the crackdown, police in Quintana Roo seized not only drugs – including marijuana, cocaine, and crack – but also two firearms that are exclusive to the Mexican military and several motorcycle taxis. These taxis were reportedly used for the grim task of transporting the bodies, underscoring the gang's ruthless efficiency and disregard for human life. The operation that led to these arrests began on January 29, after a motorcycle taxi revealed the dismembered remains of five individuals, prompting a thorough investigation.

The gang's operations extended beyond murder and drug trafficking. Operating a call center that purported to offer tourist trips and sports equipment, they deceived many, furthering their criminal activities under the guise of legitimate business. This call center was a key component of their scheme, illustrating the gang's cunning use of legitimate business fronts to mask their illicit dealings.

The subsequent discovery of three more victims, traced back to a stolen motorcycle taxi reported on January 11, only added to the horrors attributed to this gang. Found in a shallow grave, these bodies are a grim testament to the violence and brutality that have become hallmarks of the gang's operations in the area.

The wider impact of crime on Cancun's shores

The identities of these eight victims remain undisclosed, painting a chilling picture of anonymity in death. Among the arrested are Cristian N, Yobani N, Pablo N, Raul N, Ernesto Alonso N, and Rosario N, alongside two unnamed minors, revealing the broad network involved in these criminal activities. Additionally, 23 individuals were taken into custody for their roles in operating the deceptive tour agency, further dismantling the gang's intricate web of crime.

Another arrest in Cancun involved an individual leveraging social media to both order and sell drugs, offering home delivery services. This modus operandi highlights the evolving tactics of drug dealers in exploiting digital platforms to further their reach and evade detection.

The arrest of these individuals occurred just a day after a separate, tragic incident at a beach club in Tulum saw an American woman and a man from Belize caught in the crossfire of a dispute between drug dealers. This incident, though unrelated, underscores the pervasive and often indiscriminate violence that plagues the region, affecting even those with no ties to the drug trade.

Prosecutors have clarified the circumstances surrounding the Tulum shooting, emphasizing the absence of a connection between the American victim and the drug trade. The Belizean man, found with drugs at the scene, is identified as being involved in drug-related crimes, hinting at the broader network of drug trafficking and violence that spans the state.


The recent arrests in Cancun have exposed the operations of a drug gang, uncovering their involvement in drug trafficking, murder, and deception. They employed motorcycle taxis and used minors as lookouts, as well as operated a fake call center to conduct their violent activities under the guise of the tourism industry.

These crimes, along with separate but equally distressing acts of violence in Tulum, highlight the difficulties law enforcement faces and the significant impact of drug gangs on Mexico's popular tourist destinations. The community is shocked by these discoveries, but the response from first responders and law enforcement showcases their commitment to restoring safety and order in the face of turmoil.

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