Detective Goes After "Murder Squad", Takes Them Down

A daring California detective has been presented with the California Peace Officer Association Award of Distinction. This prestigious award honored his work as lead detective on a massive, movie-like gang case.

Three Year Investigation

Detective Byron Gansen of the Salinas Police Department in California led the investigation into a group of Norteno gang members. His 3-year investigation uncovered that the street gang coordinated and operations to find, track down and execute their gang rivals, the Surenos.

If the Norteno gang members couldn't locate any of the Sureno street gang members they would execute random people, typically male Latino migrant workers. This dangerous Norteno group is known as the "Murder Squad" and they were responsible for many deadly shootings over two years.

The Murder Squad were responsible for at least seven shootings from January 2017 through November 2018, killing at least eight and injuring many more. Seven of the murder victims had no gang affiliation whatsoever, the Nortenos killed them simply because they could.

The non-gang affiliated victims were vulnerable and fit the racial stereotype. The Murder Squad had little care whether or not the victims were actual rivals. The higher the body count, the higher the status.

Grand Jury

A federal grand jury indicted six of the Salinas Norteno members on October 22, 2020. They were charged with racketeering, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, as well as firearm and other gang-related offenses.

Detective Gansen's work made these indictments possible. He put in endless hours conducting surveillance, interviews, and detective work. With these six men off the streets, murders in Salinas have gone down drastically, and the gangs have less of a hold on the area.

The citizen's confidence in the Salinas Police Department has also increased. Gansen worked with other law enforcement agencies in the area on local, state, and federal levels.

Working Together

Detective Gansen partnered with the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, The Nothern District of Californias Organized Crime Strike Force of the United States Attorney's Office, and Monterey County District Attorney's Office.

Even though he partnered with other agencies, Gansen was and still is leading the investigation in an attempt to prosecute others. So far, five more suspects have been taken into custody on homicide charges.

His work is vastly changing the landscape in Salinas and Monterey County and helping to release those communities from horrific violence and crime at the hands of these deadly gangs.

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20 comments on “Detective Goes After "Murder Squad", Takes Them Down”

    1. MOMMAS don't do THEIR job of raising and informing their kids...the COMMUNITY has a lot to do with it also - - community has to cooperate...

  1. There are many more where this six came from. California is overwhelmed by them. They are in control of a massive amount of organized criminal activity and the California state prison system. All working together. Inside and out.

  2. OK, they have been caught and indited but will they really be punished for these murders. Will the bleeding heart liberals and left wing nutbags insist that these gang members did not really mean to hurt anyone and therefor they should be released with a 'PLEASE GO AND TRY TO BE THE BETTER PEOPLE WE KNOW YOU ARE'. What has gone on in California is disgusting and I hope and pray the good people of California - the few that are left - will act to get this changed.

    1. Im just waiting for them to go after Newsome or one of the primaddona actors familys after they get released. The crying and screaming would never stop. Untill then nothing will change

    2. STARTS AT THE POL:LS!!! MUST vote FOR law & order!!! The majority of CA voters don't seem to understand the parallel between who they vote for and what is ALLOWED to happen in their communities. If anyone in office is NOT doing what they should to keep people doesn't matter which party they belong to and it doesn't matter how "nice" they are...GET someone in the positions that WILL do the job and is NOT corruptly taking money of the sly...DUH

  3. And of course the California so-called governor and mayor of this area were more concerned with people wearing masks than innocent people being murdered. Thank God for the police that actually care!!

  4. I salute the detective and I hope that he is not a target for the gangs that should be all deported or jailed immediately.

    1. Hey POP - hopping the detective is NOT a "target" is only showing YOUR stupidity...of course HE AND his family ARE don't succeed with what he has done and NOT be the target! DUH

  5. God bless the good people that are still in our country, know right from wrong. We need more leaders that take care of the good hearted and punish those that take away our freedom just so we can live our lives without fear everyday.

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