Scottsdale Police Arrest Alleged Serial Killer In Chilling Video

 February 27, 2024

A sinister wave of violence has finally been halted.

Raad Almansoori, a man linked to a horrific series of crimes, including murder, sexual assault, and stabbings across multiple states, has been apprehended by law enforcement in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scottsdale police detained Almansoori after he was found driving a vehicle reported stolen in a violent carjacking and stabbing incident in Surprise, Arizona. This arrest unraveled his connection to a string of violent crimes across the country.

A battle for justice across state lines

Newly released bodycam footage has captured the crucial moment law enforcement agents apprehended Raad Almansoori. This individual's alleged criminal actions have terrorized communities in Florida, New York, and Arizona, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake.

The serious accusations against Almansoori have led to a complicated legal fight over where he should be tried first. Both the prosecutors in Maricopa County and the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, are pushing for his initial trial, highlighting the extensive damage he's suspected of causing across the country. This legal tussle highlights the grave and widespread consequences of Almansoori's purported actions.

In a disturbing event last year in Florida, Almansoori is said to have sexually assaulted a woman, threatening her life before taking her car. Despite the gravity of these charges, he was temporarily freed on a $2,500 bail. However, his liberty was fleeting as he allegedly continued his violent rampage in other states.

Almansoori faces charges of a particularly heinous crime in New York City, where he is accused of killing Denisse Oleas-Arancibia in the SoHo 54 hotel. A shocking piece of evidence from surveillance video suggests he might have been wearing the victim's leggings after the murder. His alleged crime spree didn't stop there; he is believed to have traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, spreading fear with additional stabbings and thefts.

The portrait of a "budding serial killer"

John Kelly, a criminal profiler and psychoanalyst, provided a chilling characterization of Almansoori.

Raad Alamansoori was arrested by Scottsdale PD for driving a stolen vehicle related to a carjacking and stabbing in Surprise, AZ. It was later discovered that he had been involved in numerous violent crimes throughout the nation.

Kelly highlighted the critical nature of Almansoori's behavior, stressing the importance of his timely arrest. He pointed out that Almansoori seemed to be in the initial phases of his criminal activities, underscoring the significance of apprehending him when they did.

Almansoori's criminal history includes prior charges in Arizona, with a conviction for aggravated assault in 2018. His recent charges in Arizona reflect the severe nature of his alleged crimes, including attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, attempted sexual assault, and carjacking.


The arrest of Raad Almansoori has brought a significant chapter in a harrowing saga of violence to a close. His alleged crimes spanned across Florida, New York, and Arizona, affecting the lives of many. The capture, facilitated by the diligent efforts of the Scottsdale Police, has not only prevented further violence but has also ignited a complex legal battle over where he should face justice first.

Almansoori's past and the gravity of his alleged actions paint a disturbing picture of a man on a destructive path, now halted by law enforcement. As the legal proceedings unfold, many await justice for the victims of these heinous acts.

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