Drunk Driver Crashes Into Police Car, K9 Officer Down

By Ethan Cole on
 August 11, 2021

It is sad for the community and for the police department when they lost a K9 officer. Michigan recently lost one of their beloved K9's.

Directing Traffic

K9 Rex and his partner were in the middle of directing traffic. Their Chevy Tahoe was in the lane the M-10 freeway. They were trying to protect cars from flood waters.

Another vehicle came ploughing though and slammed into the officers vehicle. According to MSP, the collision let other officers know that the car had been hit and that they might need some assistance.

Troopers let them know that they car that his the officer vehicle was in flames The Detroit Fire department came to the site and helped those who were hurt.

Thankfully, the troopers injured were not very severere. However, K9 Rex was not doing as well. Officers quickly took the pup to the emergency vet.

The vet tried to help the poor pup, but his injures were too severe and he died at the vet.

Cause of the Crash

Officers believe that the driver of the other vehicle as drunk at the time of the accident. Accoring to the MSP,“Troopers and the MSP Crash Reconstruction team investigating the crash and have obtained a blood draw which will be tested for alcohol."

Rex was a part of the MSP Metro South Post. They new him there for "his determination in searching for suspects and articles. He was a tremendous partner to his handler and was an asset to the post.”

Huge Loss

Whether the loss is human or K9, the loss of a team member is a tragedy for all involved. Thank fully, the Rex's handler will heal and no other officers were injured.

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21 comments on “Drunk Driver Crashes Into Police Car, K9 Officer Down”

  1. This is very heart breaking news as an animal lover. A k-9 is an officer of the law. Just because someone was drunk driving does not mean it should be a light sentence. Laws need to be changed for manslaughter. Especially with drugs or alcohol. Manslaughter minimum sentence 12-45 years!

  2. It has been my pleasure to have known 3 police dogs in my life. They were amazingly loving dogs when not on the job. My kids as toddlers played with one. He was the best babysitter. Nothing was going to happen to those kids. My heart goes out to the handler and all who knew and loved Rex. Loosing such a great friend hurts.

  3. My heart goes out to K9 Rex's human police partner and friend. The relationship that develops between K9 team members looks to be as close as parent and child and the loss of either team member is as severe as losing a family member. I really hope there is a special place in Heaven for our four legged loved ones. They give us so much love while here with us I can't believe they would be denied a place in eternity.

  4. Drunk drivers! Got gravely injured by one rear ending and then sideswiping my car sending it into a double rollover.
    Glad the human officer is OK
    Sad the K-9 officer lost his life
    All drunk drivers need prison time to sober up but prisoners brew the stuff inside prisons

    1. 20-year minimum sentence, no parole or early out for loss of life. Add another 10 years if it's a LEO (including K9). Plus monetary damages.

    2. I agree with you. However, in my opinion, a drunk driver should be arrested for murder if there is a fatality. No one forced the driver to drink and drive. And if the death is a first responder, then life without parole seems fair to me.

  5. Rest in Peace K9 Officer Rex. Your tour of duty is finished. Sooo sad. This driver should be locked away for the rest of their natural life.

  6. Is English your second language?
    Here are the numerous errors I noticed in your article. These seemed to jump out at me, and I am not a journalist or professional reporter.
    You obviously meant 'lose' instead of 'lost' in your opening statement.
    "Troopers let them know that they car..." What are you trying to say?
    The driver "was drunk", not "as drunk".
    The extent of the injuries were 'severe' not 'severer'.
    Missing "are" in the phrase"...investigating the crash."
    The word you were looking for is 'knew', not 'new'.
    'Thankfully' is one word.
    There was no need for the indefinite article 'the' preceding Rex's name.
    This is something that bugs the fire out of me. Apparently you do not have someone checking your reports.

    1. You need to focus on your personal problems instead of typos by others. Your post is loaded with indicators of problematic psychological dysfunctions.

    2. I have to admit, I too am dismayed at how badly reports are typed up and reported on. Not only news stories, but digital books too. Doesn't anyone hire a proof reader or decent editor anymore?

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  8. The drunk driver killed a police officer (yes, dogs are considered officers) and should be tried for such a crime. I'm glad the human was not fatally damaged, but please throw the book at the drunk driver.

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