First Responders Arrive To Plane Crash, Find All Passengers And Crew Alive

By Ethan Cole on
 October 14, 2023

A plane holding 21 passengers crashed a little north of the Houston Executive Airport. The plane had attempted to take off but crashed at the end of the runway.

Runway Crash

The plane was a McDonnell Douglas MD-87 and according to authorities, it rolled through a fence at the end of the runway and burst into flames while attempting to take off.

Waller County sheriff's department said that 19 passengers and three crew members were safe. Only one person had a minor injury and two were taken from the scene to be evaluated.

“Anytime you have a plane that doesn’t make a landing on the runway like it’s supposed to, we’re always expecting the worst and hoping for the best, and today, we absolutely, positively got the best outcome we could hope for.”

Tim Gibson, Emergency Service District Director for Waller-Harris Emergency Service District 200.

From the air you could see smoke pouring out of the plane and fire all around while firefighters were fighting what looked like a desperate battle. Apparently, the fire took a lot of effort to extinguish

After Effect of the Crash

The plane had been chartered for Game 4 of the 2021 American League Championship Series in Boston where the Houston Astros were scheduled to play the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

After the crash, nearly 2,000 homes lost their power due to the fire. CenterPoint Energy crews were able to restore electricity to all but 17 of the homes by noon.

According to the FAA the plane is registered to 987 Investments, LLC. The LLC is owned by J Alan Kent, a prominent developer in the Houston area. While he was a passenger on the plane he was not flying when it crashed.

According to an employee of Kent's, the lifetime Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo board member is known as a plane enthusiast and owns a few different aircraft. An employee also told KPRC 2, "He used to have an aviation company. I thought he did. That's what I was told."

The plane was listed for sale at the time of the crash for $3,950,000. It had new wheels, tires, and brakes. The NTSB is still investigating the crash.

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20 comments on “First Responders Arrive To Plane Crash, Find All Passengers And Crew Alive”

  1. GOD is in control no fatalities is nothing short of a miracle. No the Athiest, Agnostics, and Deist do not have it right each in their own mind is wrong he who believes in no god but self, he that believe god is possible, and he who believes God started it all the Watch maker who sits back and watches but not steps in at times all just do not understand the true concept of GOD, nor the TRIUNNE GOD of The BIBLE.

  2. For the non-believers out there---GOD DOES WORK IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. The lovely part about that is that whatever happens, God is either in it or allows it to happen and it is always HIS will. His love surrounds all of us all of the time. I know some people don't believe in HIM, but HE LOVES THEM IN SPITE OF THEIR FEELINGS.

      1. M.J. I will pray that someday YOU will see and experience God's love for YOU - you need and deserve His love - AND you have it no matter what you "feel"

      2. Seems to me that the MD80 had a problem with a screw Jack that controlled the ailerons and caused several planes to crash before they found the problem. Possible here?

  3. “Anytime you have a plane that doesn’t MAKE A LANDING on the runway like it’s supposed to, we’re always expecting the worst and hoping for the best..." is inappropriate here, though true, This aircraft was taking off, hadn't even become airborne yet. We've seen similar situations like this when the pilots did not deploy flaps as instructed on the check-list and the result was inability to take off.

    1. MJ - again - WE are, none of us, are not perfect - many times when God interveniens we should acknowledge it - when the pilot has the ability to save - it is part skill which he should definitely get "credit" for then GOD should ALSO get "credit" for the truly impossible being achieved by His will or Him GIVING the "overcoming of the impossible" to some person

  4. Devistaing but a plan of God to bring everyone on earth can an atheists explain this away to "circumstantial" or "luck"...good pilot skills for sure had a large part but not ALL of it...

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