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7 comments on “Futuristic Military Helicopters Unveiled, Incredible Capabilities Revealed”

  1. I read that to house and feed illegal aliens, I'm sorry joe says we can't use that term, undocumented migrants, it was 735.00 a day at taxpayer's expense. Wonder how our homeless veterans feel about that.

  2. It's obama at the helm , he's put the squad where there at . And as pathetic as Biden is they continue to pamper him into there demands . Stopping the keystone pipeline and border wall , to leave America unprotected , just like the twin towers . The un-American politician's are laughing at you stupid democrates , they played you hook line and sinker . Liers be damned , it's what you are .

  3. We agree wholeheartedly that we are doing so much for ILLEGAL ALIENS and NOT AS MUCH as we should be doing for our HERO VETS!! Why do we need to have charitable organizations helping our wounded vets which should be the government. After all, these vets gave so much for our great country while all the ILLEGALS do is TAKE!! One America News has a running tally of the cost of these ILLEGALS which is BILLIONS a year!!

  4. Politicians aren't doing their job for America !!! Why is this the only country with open borders ??? The border patrol can't keep up and they've even got national guard involved - Biden and administration - "WHY DO YOU HATE THIS CONTRY SO MUCH" - is it the fact you're not getting enough money or what ???

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