Heroic Police Officers Rescue Unconscious Woman From Burning Vehicle

Driving at night can be difficult for even the most experienced of drivers. Two teenagers learned quickly just how dangerous slipping out of your lane can be.

Fiery Crash

In Georgia, two 18-year-olds were driving down the road when the driver lost control. According to Savannah Police Department's Traffic Investigation Unit, the driver, Jaydon Brown, "failed to maintain his lane and struck a light pole and a tree before striking another tree head-on."

Brown hit the tree so hard that it caused the car to spin into the middle of the road, where it "caught on fire."

According to Western Journal, the driver was able to safely exit the vehicle. However his passenger was stuck inside.

Officers Arrive To Help

When officers arrived on the scene, they worked to get the girl out of the car while flames burned all around them. Officers ran to the car, trying everything they could think of to get the teenager out of the passenger seat.

In the bodycam footage, you can see them try the door, break windows, and eventually get her out of the car. It was so difficult to get her out of the vehicle they had to pull her out of the front seat through the rear passenger side.

Once they got her out of the car, firefighters arrived to extinguish the flames. Both of the 18-year-olds went to the hospital with severe injuries.

Department Recognition

The seven officers who assisted in this rescue were identified as Cpl. Jacob Davey, Officer Timothy Valmont, Officer Janson Neff, Officer Molly Moran, Officer Sidney Delince, Officer Jason Zimmerman, and Officer Anthony Traniello.

Police Chief Roy Minter expressed his gratitude for the officer's actions.

“I am so proud of these officers for their actions when responding to the scene last night. They literally ran toward the flames and worked quickly as a team to not only remove the passenger from the car but get her to a safe location.”

Chief Roy Minter

Saving Lives

Undoubtedly, the officer's quick actions and willingness to keep trying saved this 18-year-olds life. If they had not acted as quickly as they did, this accident might have become a tragedy.

Especially since the young woman was unconscious and the car was almost entirely on fire. The officers gave their all to ensure that a life was saved, no matter the circumstances nor how difficult it may have seemed.

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