Semi-Truck Collides With Car Driven By 9-Year Old

Law enforcement officers are used to getting calls about drivers who are swerving and driving erratically. But nothing could have prepared the West Valley Police Officers for what they found when they approached this vehicle.

Erratic Driver

West Valley Police Officers received a call from a semi-truck driver reporting a car driving haphazardly down the road. It had hit another vehicle, then drove off.

According to Lt. Bill Merritt, the truck driver thought the driver of the car was impaired. The driver decided to follow the car and ended up getting hit as well.

Unexpected Driver

Neither the truck driver nor the responding officers were prepared for what they found inside.

“Both of their vehicles were disabled, and he discovered that the driver of the other vehicle was not impaired but was a 9-year-old female driving with her 4-year-old sister. They were planning to go to California.”

Lt. Bill Merritt

The girls wanted to swim with the dolphins in the ocean. The girls had managed to make it 10 miles before the car crash.

West Jordan Police Detective Scott List said he spoke with the girls parents, who have no idea how this happened. The keys were out of reach and the home has child safety locks on all but one of the doors.

“In talking to the parents, the kids have not been taught at all to drive. In fact, I believe it was even said that the kids have never even sat in the front seat.”

Detective List

Safe and Sound

Thankfully both girls were wearing seat belts and no one suffered any injuries.

“This is a very unusual thing that I don’t think could be predicted by the parents. This Is a girl to watch. When she’s motivated, she figures out a way. So it will be interesting to see what her future is like.”

Detective List

Things could have gone a lot worse for these two adventurers. Thankfully, officers got them out of the car safely.

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