WATCH: Police, Citizens Run Towards Burning Vehicles To Save Trapped Driver, Passengers

By Ethan Cole on
 September 29, 2020

America has a police force that patrols our streets and are some of the first on rescue scenes. These men and women can't stand idly when someone is in danger, it's not in their nature. Every day they run towards the danger while many stand helplessly by. The good news is that there are some citizens with the same mindset and sometimes they jump in to help.

Recently, captured on body cam, two officers on basic patrol came across a smoking vehicle. Both officers leapt into action and helped the driver and a passenger with disabilities escape just as it becomes engulfed in flames. The passenger with disabilities did lose his wheelchair to the fire. Not surprisingly, a local police officer generously donated a replacement.

A similar incident happened in Dallas Texas. Officers arrived on scene of a multi car accident where one of the vehicles was smoldering. A citizen told the police that the driver was still in the vehicle. Officers quickly ran to the vehicle even as it began burning and attempted to pull the driver out. However, the seatbelt holding the driver would not release and the victim was in serious trouble.

Several citizens standing by jumped in to help by breaking windows and throwing water on the fire. One citizen lent his knife to the officers who cut the seatbelt and pulled the victim to safety. Finally, the driver was able to receive medical attention for serious burns.

The city of Dallas is recognizing police officers Jonathon Calder, Jonathon Martinez and Israel Banales as heroes for their quick and selfless actions. Of course, they say they couldn't have done it with out the help of the community members who jumped in to help.

American communities are fortunate to have police officers and community members like these brave men and women who run into danger to save a life.

If you witnessed a situation like this, would you jump in to help? Let us know in the comments below!

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