Homicide Rate in Los Angeles County Out Of Control

 January 24, 2022

The homicide rate in Los Angeles County has skyrocketed by a shocking 94 percent in the past two years, according to data released by the sheriff's department.

While the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is committed to finding those responsible for these heinous crimes and bringing them to justice, they just aren't being provided with the tools and resources they need to get the job done.

It's time for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to take this issue seriously and allocate the necessary funds to help reduce the homicide rate.

However, despite the fact that lives are at stake and they cannot afford to sit back and do nothing, the Board of Supervisors is more concerned with pacifying anti-police activists than protecting their constituents.

This is a disgrace, and the Board of Supervisors needs to be held accountable! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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29 comments on “Homicide Rate in Los Angeles County Out Of Control”

  1. We left kalifornia in 1996 and have been trying to get our kids out since! Yes I served the state for 25 years but my and my wife’s dedication only really made us feel like fools. That cesspool needs a through cleansing.

  2. Well LA you voted for everyone of these Democrat liberal socialist people. When you get the opportunity to replace them you either vote them back into office or, vote someone just like who you voted out.
    If you are thinking about moving to a red state please don't. The red states do not need you or your opinions and votes. You have completely fuq'd thing up in one of the more beautiful states. So do mess up other states you can not be trusted

    1. Your absolutely right on in your comments! It's too bad that President Trump was bushwhacked in the last election, by gangster tactics of the political (socialist) left running this country! The past year has been a nightmare of disasters, and it will continue to be as long as these Deceptive Greedy Socialists are in power! Pretty evident they have been monkey wrenching elections for some time, which they deny of course. The mainstream media backs them up, as they are in bed together. The Left is "Ruining Tomorrow Today", but sadly, some can't see the forest for the trees!

    2. you hit the nail on the head. people want to take their warped thinking to other states that are good to live in and change those states and create the exact same crap as they ran from.....how sick is THAT kind of thinking.

      1. Yep. These people want to defund the police, then when crime somehow grows out of control. They want to run to a better state with less crime. AND THEN TRY TO CHANGE IT TO THEIR POINT OF VIEW.
        Some of the immigrants are doing or wanting the same thing. They run from some oppressive country, then want us to change to be like the country they just ran from. What used to be Dearborn, MI. now seems to be Dearbornistan. With it's own rules and laws, that we are not allowed to interfere with.

      2. Yes, I would like to move out of this miserable state, but being a senior, it is not something I can do. But if I moved to a red state, I would do every thing in my power to keep it a red state. It is the demoncrats that move out and take their ideology with them that hurt the red states. All I can do is pray and trust my heavenly father.

  3. Put President Trump in charge. He would strengthen the police force. Throw out the judges, eliminate 90 per cent of District 9 federal judges and bring in judges that are interested in law and order not their bank balances.

  4. When you vote for greed and not for law you end up with a lawless greedy pile of politicians who focus on control of the people and feathering their nests and not on what will protect their people. Open borders has allowed criminals to flood CA added to the ones they catch and release so you now have a city and state full of crime and a once great state over taxed, crime infested pile of crap. You voted for what you got now YOU either vote them and their kind out or suck it up and deal with what YOU keep electing. Socialism comes at a great cost and you are paying the price now. DO NOT BRING YOUR SOCIALISTIC SCREW UPS to republican ran states where crime is low, jobs plentiful, and taxes reasonable. We DO NOT wish to become a sewer like CA, NY and Chicago.

  5. Well ask the bidens & the dems own in China been going on for mega years just like LeBron James. It's all about the money & power over us we dont count trump wouldnt sell out so hese the bad guy knot hardly ever known a Democrat that were ( wrong about anything ? Nope thought so.my openion.

    1. Billie, please take the time to properly spell and punctuate so that we can have a better chance to follow your convoluted thought process.

  6. People, better stop complaining, you might upset a Supervisor or two, but remember, the people elected the Supervisors. So, vote and elect new Supervisors who care for everyone, not just the far left. Remember, you got what you wanted, liberal, Marxist people to run your county. Only you, and those like, can vote them the hades out. Your problems in CA start with the "head" socialist, the Governor and all his buddies, then work your way down. CA is known as a Democrat state, enjoy all that they provide you, you're paying for it, one way or the other.


  8. Sounds like a severe need for a massive, massive case of "Blue Flu" (the kind that lasts a whole week) to sweep through the entire Law-enforcement community. Any calls that come in should be redirected to Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and the mayor also the governor.
    They wanted "NO POLICE", fuck em. Give them what they want. Then we will see how political they are when their families are included in the homicide statistics. Plus the FOP. can purchase bill-boards explaining the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors position on NOT FUNDING LAW-ENFORCEMENT.
    There also needs to be a nation wide 6mo. NO VIGILANTE PROSECUTION ORDER put in place.
    The criminals are not scared of laws or law-enforcement. But they WOULD be scared of 90% of the population coming after them.

  9. The Liberal Democrats won't be satisfied until they can turn America into a Socialist country. Los Angeles is getting exactly what they voted for. We can only pray that the midterm elections come quickly to gets these Democrats removed before they can inflict more damage to our country.

  10. No need to say much other than I was born in Compton Calif. and raised in Calif. What a beautiful state back then. Moved out in 1968 and never looked back.

  11. This is what happens to Blue States. They are full of crime, bankrupt, and their governors are no good. They defund the police and the taxes are high. People that are smart are leaving to other states that care about their citizens. Los Angeles is going to poot because that is all you see on the streets along with the homeless, drugs, and crime of course. The Democrats who run the state don't give a damn.

    1. What soever you soweth, so shall you reap. The prosecutors and judges need to do their jobs per the dictates of the statutes and support the police and the public safety. There is no room for politically correct in public safety.

  12. California voters are out to lunch; they don't know what primaries are for and wait until November to vote the party ticket and back comes, Pelosi, Schiff, Newsom, Swalwell, Lieu, Maxine etc. They deserve the chaos from their choices. They ruined a great state.

  13. All on the board of supervisors along with the democratic mayors and governors should be arrested and charged with murder and harboring. Removed form office and found guilty, then locked in prison for 30 years to life. They are the problem, not the police.

  14. The Biden Democrat administration socialist elites and CA leaders live in a utopian frame of mind

    LA just may be the front runner of the future of our country

  15. With the Progressives and this regime trying to kill this country, it is really amazing that things are not a lot worse than they are; but they WILL be.

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