Injured Hiker Evacuated By Helicopter Rescue Team

By Ethan Cole on
 November 10, 2021

Rescuing injured hikers can be a difficult task, but the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department executed a mountain rescue with ease due to their training and expertise.

Helicopter Rescue

According to officials, a woman, 41, injured her ankle when she was hiking on Cowles Mountain on Sunday morning. At 8:40 a.m., the woman was 100 yards up to one of the more popular trails.

Firefighters made it to the woman but decided to call in a rescue helicopter due to her injuries, according to comments from San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Battalion Chief Brian Raines to OnScene TV.

The woman was placed into a full-body harness and pulled up into the helicopter. She was flown to a landing area by state Route 52 and Mast Boulevard.

There a waiting ambulance took her to the hospital, according to Battalion Chief David Pilkerton.

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