Police K9 Avenges Fellow Officer - Instant Karma

In San Diego, a sheriff's K9 officer was shot as he assisted with capturing three armed robbery suspects who were being pursued in Murrieta.

Car Chase

According to KTLA, deputies were alerted to a robbing at a Lakeside 7- Eleven. One of the deputies found the possible robbers and tried to pull the suspects over, but they would not stop.

A chase ensued. At 12:20 a.m., Murrieta police were sent to assist the CHP who was in charge of the chase. As the suspects drove along the 215 freeway, they got off on Los Alamos Road and started shooting at the officers.

According to Murrieta Police Department, the suspects fired multiple rounds, then went into a Shell gas station. The three people inside exited the vehicle and attempted to carjack a vehicle.

The San Diego sheriff sent K-9 Cezar after the suspects to stop them from carjacking the vehicle. One of the suspects shot him in the leg.

“Cezar was shot while trying to stop a suspect from carjacking people at the end of the chase. He likely kept the suspect from getting away & possibly hurting others. Cezar did as he was trained. He protected his deputy handler, the public and our law enforcement partners.”

San Diego Sheriffs Department

Arresting the Suspects

Officers arrested two of the assailants after Cezar was shot. The third ran on foot, but a Murrieta police K-9 was used to help SWAT capture the individual.

The person of interest did get hurt by the K-9 and was taken to the hospital for care. Officers have yet to identify the suspects.

The K-9 Cezar went to a local vet, who performed surgery to pull out pieces of the bullet from his leg. The dog was released and should make a full recovery.

Thankfully, the suspect only shot Cezar in the leg, and he will be able to serve again once he is healed.

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12 comments on “Police K9 Avenges Fellow Officer - Instant Karma”

    1. Any time the brain damaged beings have guns the police should have the right to shoot to kill….Why risk one of theirs being killed to protect these rabid animals…

  1. So happy Cezar will make a full recovery. This is why I am against using Dogs in this type of situations, or in the US Military. I'm not a "peacenik". I just love animals and think we ought to leave them out of our craziness!

    1. I despise you and your ideology. Lack of knowledge of US military and police history since World War 1. Predictable lameness right out of LEFT field.

    2. Animals have been helping man since the beginning of time. Think of it this way - would you have rather had the suspect kill your child while trying to get away? Or your son in a war be blown to bits because he didn't see that hidden mine? I also love animals and hate to see them hurt; but if it was my fur baby over my biological son, sorry, but my fur baby goes to the rainbow bridge. Now if it was just an allergy, then my kid takes allergy pills or shots.

    3. These police dogs are braver than anyone you know. If they could talk they would take your silliness somewhere else that they have work to do.

      1. Not to mention, these heroic animals supposedly LOVE what they do. Why keep them home sometimes lonely and bored when they can have a job they enjoy as well as all that contact with man in his many forms? They are social beings who want interaction with people. I for one love hearing these animals' stories.

  2. If people think it's OK to shoot a law enforcement officer - 2 or 4 legged -then they shouldn't have any LEO protection.

  3. I would like to see two police dogs on duty together at the same time. And then unleash them on a police shooter so they can swarm, take down, and bite repeatedly.

  4. My personal opinion is that anyone who shoots a K9 officer should receive a lethal bullet at the scene when they are caught. Of course that goes for those who shoot human officers too. If a person is caught while shooting, we shouldn't have to waste time and money on a trial. I sort of liked the wild west days = a person got caught stealing a horse and when caught they immediately hung him from the nearest tree. That's justice when caught red handed.

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